365 Reflections - Reflection 16

4 years ago
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DSC01130I have looked at this particular door so many times.  I used this photo in an art class and had to paint it  5 different times. I had chosen it because of the brilliant colors and the relative simplicity of the shapes. I am not much of a painter but the tiny 4x4 I did of this scene turned out pretty well. That's good because all the others were awful. The larger the painting got, the more apparent my lack of skill in perspective became. I know every intimate detail of this photo but tonight, I think I was drawn to it for different reasons.

Tonight, as I view this photo, I see both an open door and a closed door. A door open to possibilities and the future and one firmly shut on the past. I have crafted my resignation letter and it is far shorter that I thought it would be and that's fine. In the same way last month I held a vision and made a request via a three sentence email, my notice is also short and I hope graceful.

The other thought occurring to me is that the gifts from the Universe are coming at a more rapid pace - possibly because of the work I am doing? By writing everyday, I think I am dealing with things in a more expeditious manner, seeing things more clearly and holding on to the negative stuff for a shorter period of time.  I have been given fertile ground to practice my new skills and as I have these validations of self-worth, old habits are falling away and new habits are forming.

In two short weeks I will be living in my new condo. In three weeks, all the floors will be done. By the end of June, I would guess all the other work, counter tops and bathroom, will be done and in the midst of all of this, I will be starting a new job. The vision I have for my life is becoming clearer and I love what I see. I am profoundly grateful for all that I have and all that is coming my way.

When you look at the door above, what do you see?