365 Reflections - Reflection 7

3 years ago

081My community garage sale is this weekend and in preparation for the big move in May, I am (hopefully) getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I knew that in my vision for my next place that it would be significantly smaller. In fact, I am going from a 4 bedroom house with 1800 square feet into a 2 bedroom condo with 800 square feet. In the kitchen alone I am grappling with currently have 10 drawers while the new space has only 4. But I know that the move is necessary and the next step on my journey.

When I look around at my home, I am struck by how many compromises I made. Decisions were driven first according to budget and then whether or not I liked the piece. My husband at the time really did not care to have a say in many of the purchases. And as I look at all the colors now, it is interesting how different what my new vision is. My walls are currently some form of khaki and the woods are all in the maple, cherry and oak tones. The new place will be in soft greys with white counters and ash grey floors. I am not sure if I am just making a 180 degree shift to leave what I currently have or if I settled for so long that I just forgot what I really wanted. More than likely it was a process of evolution. We moved in 14 years ago this month. In that period of time, I have divorced and changed jobs several times but have also gone back to school and studied design. 

In a great many ways, I have already said good bye to this house (read that post here) but even with all of the clearing out I have done, I am not sure the enormity of what I am doing has dawned on me quite yet. Rather than being in the suburbs, the new place is in a more urban location. In addition, it will be the first piece of real estate that I have purchased in my name alone. I have a project list of rather small things to do that I think will allow me to make this space one that truly reflects me - not what I want to project to others. Not what I buy because of budget. Not what I purchase because the significant other says it's okay with him. Until my son moves out, I will still have the hurdle of keeping the new space clean. My boy is a walking Pig Pen but then so is his dad. But once that happens, I see a space that is always immaculate. Shiny surfaces that are reflective and completely clear of clutter. I also see a space filled with women with an opportunity to entertain more often. An intimate and cozy space but one that is gorgeous and and well organized and truly reflective of where I am now.

The move to the new space is three weeks from today. Over the last 3 months, I have already packed 25 boxes and oddly, it seems to be stuff that I have easily been able to live without. I think that it will be in the unpacking that even more shedding will be done.

Until tomorrow...


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