3.14 Leads To Two Controversies

3 years ago

Today is March 14. As in 3.14. Pi(e) Day. Get it? Pi(e) Day? Pi? Pie? Because pi equals 3.14. Yeah, I don't think it's all that amusing either, but it's morphed into Pie Day and I like pie.

My husband loves all kinds of desserts, but I think pie just might be at the top of the pack. He adores any kind of pie: apple, cherry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, French silk, shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie. Peach pie is his all time favorite pie. He loves peach pie almost to the point of needing medication.

In the interest of March 14 being Pi(e) Day and the fact that, again, he loves pie, my husband helped create and organize a homemade pie contest where he works. And appointed himself judge, of course. He's nobody's fool. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't work with fools. And by this I mean his coworkers thwarted his plan to eat all the pies by giving everyone in the office a fork in which to taste and a ballot on which to cast his or her vote for overall best tasting pie.

In what I am positive is a conflict of interest, my husband entered two pies in today's contest and he made the trophy to be awarded later this afternoon. I think the trophy is about seven different kinds of awesome, but still Conflict o' Interest.

Pie trophy

In addition to the controversy over hosting/judging/entering/trophy making Pi(e) contest, my husband broke a cardinal rule while making his entry in the Pi(e) contest: he wore the new apron Tata gave me. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind him borrowing an apron, but this apron happens to be the World's Most Awesome Apron Of All Time. And he looked better in it than I did.

Behold. Me rockin' the world's coolest apron:

Me in apron

Not bad, not bad. But, behold. My husband rockin' the world's coolest apron:

Corey apron

Sigh. The only thing worse than looking worse in an apron than your husband is the fact that someone (who shall remain nameless but his initials are my husband) "innocently" wiped his hands on Wondie's impressive cleavage. Now she sports big flour handprints on her ... logo.


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