3 Tips For Adding Acknowledgment To Your Life

6 years ago

After being part of the Owning Pink Team for over a year as their community manager and communications director, it occurred to me that what I really wanted was to be an Owning Pink Life Coach. So in July of 2010 I began a coaching certification program with Frame of Mind Coaching. I loved their program because they believe that journaling plays a HUGE role in personal transformation. Self development has always been a passion of mine and since Lissa informed me that becoming an Owning Pink life coach meant I had to be certified (because I am only 24,) I jumped on board the program.

A couple weeks ago I had my last and final call with my one on one coach, Adi for this phase of my certification. One incredible thing I got out of this call was that I have a lot to acknowledge myself for. (Something I more than often over look.)

In the past 10 weeks a lot has happened. I had a break through in being vulnerable with my boyfriend, my paid position with Owning Pink ended, I am launching a new series of eCourses on my website, our home we were renting got foreclosed on, I stepped into what owning my power really looks like and endless amounts of other personal discovers and transformations.

The key element I was missing all along was owning acknowledgment. I hadn't given myself credit for the strength and breakthroughs I had during those times. I was so focused on the what I was living without- lack of money, things, time, space, etc. I forgot to actively Own Me and love truly love myself; which is what owning acknowledgment is really all about anyways.

So, in the spirit of self-love and Owning YOU- I created three tips you can use on a daily basis to love yourself a little more (and believe me- it's worth it.)

Tip One
Find a jar. Cut up strips of paper. Place it beside your bed or altar & make it a point each evening to write down one thing you accomplished that day. It can be anything to closing a big deal at work or finally tackling that mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. Just be sure to do it every night. Make it a habit.

Tip Two
Find a buddy; local or virtual & agree to send an email, text or phone call every evening to share what we have accomplished that day. When you receive the notification be sure to affirm that your buddy did a good job with a 'hell ya!' or 'you go girl!'

(I say do it at night so that you have the whole day to look back on to find one or more things you rocked that day.)

Tip Three
Make a list of five small things each week you want to get done. At the bottom of the least right how you will treat yourself when they are complete. The list should be simple- make the kids a home-made lunch once this week, finish the laundry, make one new friend on Twitter, tell my husband how much I love him and why, plant some new flowers.

(Don't make your tasks so difficult you can't complete them- then you are just setting yourself up for failure. At the end of the week, treat yourself if you completed two or more of the tasks. The kinder you are to yourself, the greater your space is for excellence.)

So there ya have it. Let's all make an effort to be kinder to ourselves by owning acknowledgment in our lives on a daily basis. I know I will- it has made a world of difference.

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