3 stories of abortions you need to read.

4 years ago

In these final days of the election season, my mother has been speaking to groups around Michigan,  sharing three stories of women she personally knows who have had an abortion – both in the time when abortion was done in back alleys, and a time when abortion was more legal than it is now.

I was raised in the Mad Men era by a mother and father who were strong feminists. My parents planned their pregnancies and have steadfastly supported Planned Parenthood for more than 60 years. 


Election 2012 Implications

(You didn’t really think a post with that title was going to be free of politics, did you?)

If you are undecided on who to vote for…
  • If you are just pissed at Obama because he doesn’t have a magic wand. (Well are you? Perhaps he sent you a span dm?)
  • Or are you just spoiling for a fight, like those thugs who assaulted my son’s friendwhile they were walking home from Middle School on Halloween afternoon.
Please. Before you cast your vote. Think about abortion as a real event, that happens to real people in many different circumstances. people. Your grandmother. Your sister-in-law. Your partner. Your best friend. You?
Who is going to best represent your opinion regarding the reality of abortion versus the morality of it. It matters. And don’t let the distractions of the day keep your heart from speaking to you.
I’m voting Pro-Choice, and I’m proud of it!

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Excerpts from: Women's Voices Matter! by Elizabeth Dole



I feel compelled to tell the following stories because women’s votes will matter especially in the 2012 elections. This is the year that multiple and extreme attacks on women’s reproductive health are being carried out ... close down Planned Parenthood. 

The following are true stories about three women known to me personally and the decisions they made to terminate their pregnancies. These were not easy decisions. Indeed, they were seriously thought through and discussed with their loved ones and their physicians.

So, here are their stories:

It is December of 1932. A young woman has gotten off a train, having traveled overnight with her two children from her home in Connecticut to Ohio to visit her parents. Her husband plans to come later on to spend the holidays with the family. She is carrying her 13 month old daughter and is accompanied by her six year old son....her physician tells her that she should never again become pregnant. The risk of heart failure and death is too great.

At that time, there being no medically reliable method of contraception, she became pregnant for a third time. When she went to her physician, he told her what he would do. He would put her into the hospital, terminate the pregnancy, and tie her fallopian tubes. He told her that when people asked about her hospitalization, she should tell them that she had gone into the hospital to have her appendix removed.


Fast forward to 1997. Imagine terminating a wanted pregnancy. A couple has been in a committed relationship for 15 and years and busy with their careers: one is a police officer and the other works for a major bank....However, as the pregnancy progresses, the normal tests that most women undergo indicate that the fetus is a trisomy 21, or Down’s syndrome child. ....They wrestle with the implications for the future of their child, one raised by an interracial lesbian couple. 

The third story concerns a young couple who married in 1992. ...At the time of the second ultrasound, multiple problems show up: cleft palate, heart chambers malformed and hydro-cephalic syndrome. .....The Catholic health insurance plan refused to pay for the abortion... If she had carried this pregnancy to term, the insurance would have paid the childbirth expenses, but at the cost of an additional 16 weeks of emotional pain for the parents, knowing that their child was so severely deformed that it would not survive.
In all three cases, the individuals involved gave thanks for doctors who were willing to do what was best for the women who were facing difficult decisions. With the pressure that extremely conservative and religiously restrictive legislators are putting on women today, it may not be possible for women in the future to find qualified doctors to advise them and hospitals where the doctors can perform abortions in cases such as these.
My mom rocks!

Peggy Dolane
(formerly freerangemom)

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