3 Steps To Creating More Freedom For You and Your Family

4 years ago
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More freedom is the number #1 thing many busy moms crave in their life. Our busy, overwhelming lives can make us feel like we are captive to our schedules.

The truth is we often are.

Juggling work, kids, life and all the other responsibilities that land in our lap our day-to-day life can feel like one big crazy merry-go-round we can never jump off.

Here’s the good news for anyone feeling like this.

Creating more freedom in your life is completely within your control.

It is possible, even if right now it may not feel like this.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck or trapped in our lives. As humans feeling a sense of freedom is one of the most crucial elements of our happiness and wellbeing.

When we miss this it can result in feeling unfulfilled, a lack of joy and as if some essential part of who we are has been lost to us. It can seem like our life does not provide us with the room to stop, relax and take enough full breaths.

If you are feeling a lack of freedom in your life here are 3 crucial steps to release the constraints and start to feel like you can fully breath again.

#1 Freedom Begins With Choice

The most important step in gaining more freedom is realizing how closely aligned it is with choice. This includes your choice on how you view your life and your choice in how you live your life.

It is easy for us to give up our freedom to others. This is often based out of fear. Fear of what others will think, fear of failure or fear that we are not good enough, amongst many others. This can drive everything in our lives from the job we work in, the way we parent, our own beliefs, the relationships we are in, how often we look at our phones, to the clothes we wear, the house we live in and the car we drive.

So the first step is to realize you have choice in everything you do in your life. Even if the choices are sometimes hard they are still there. By realizing we are at a choice and we are making these choices it can help to shift that feeling of being trapped or stuck. We know if we want to we have the power to choose differently.

#2 What Does Freedom Look Like To You

Once we realize that we are living our lives everyday through our own choices we can take the step to define what freedom is for us.

For one person it may mean having the freedom to choose your work schedule more. Where as for another they might like the 9-5 structure, however wish they had fewer commitments outside of work so they can spend more fun time with their family. Another example could be the desire to have less daily expenses such as a large house mortgage, car payment or money spent on clothes so they can free up money to afford more travel with their family.

Freedom can look different for everyone. Define what kind of freedom is most important to you and why.

#3 Create Your Freedom Plan

It’s time to make those choices. How can you best create the freedom you desire? What steps do you need to take? Create your own personal freedom plan.

For example if leaving the 9-5 schedule is high on the list for you what do you need to do to make that happen? Is it looking into starting your own business? It could be negotiating with your boss for a more flexible schedule, or looking for another job that offers this.

If it is having less commitments outside of work so you can spend more time with your family it may be choosing to say no next time someone asks you to be on a fundraising committee. Or you may look at all the clubs, events, activities you have your kids signed up for and choose to decrease this.

If saving for a big family dream adventure is on your list for freedom you might decide to downsize your clothes budget or not get that new car for a couple more years.

The key here is realizing you have choices, knowing what they are and then deciding which ones you are going to make.

As soon as we start to realize we have more choice than we imagined in our lives our sense of freedom starts to expand.

What’s one choice you will make today to take that first step towards more freedom?    

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