3 Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Manage Stress

4 years ago

We all know the damaging health effects that stress can have on our minds and bodies. It has even been deemed as a link to long-term conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Yet with so much happening in the course of a day, it is becoming more challenging for the traditional methods of alleviating stress to be completely successful.

Stress has now changed from being something to “treat” or “fix” to something that requires continuous health maintenance. The more we try to do to end it completely, the more that happens to bring it back -- and over time, this cycle can pack a hefty punch to overall wellness.

In other words: The trips to the spa and mini-vacations are still really great ways to help with stress, but with the state of the world, there is an even greater need to practice stress management daily.

Below are three simple—and inexpensive things you can incorporate in your daily routine to help keep stress at bay.

Get Up, Get Out, and Get Something

Breaking away from the stresses of life doesn’t have to necessarily mean doing something elaborate or costly. Getting up and out of your current environment and getting one of the following may help immensely:

  • Fresh air
  • Change of scenery (even if it is just to a different room)
  • A short walk (sometimes 3-10 minutes is all that is needed)
  • A quick “vent-chat” with a good friend

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Turn It Off…Turn It On

We all love to be "in the know" when it comes to what’s happening in the world, but sometimes the constant and fast-paced feed of images and information can actually do more to elevate our stress rather than reduce it. And trust me: your body will definitely alert you: your blood pressure, respirations, and heart rate will begin to rise the more you watch your screen.

Be sure that you are making not just one, but several moments throughout your day to turn it all off—disconnect from social media and the internet, and unglue yourself from the TV. Do not just put the phone on silent—turn it off too and put it out of sight.

Get yourself into some silence if you can. Or, turn on something more soothing like relaxing music, nature sounds, or motivational/inspirational speaking messages instead. Your vital signs will thank you.

Get In The Habit Of "Doing The Most"

Don’t just say that you want to keep your stress managed—do all that you can to make it a way of life. That means, assessing your day, associations, and behaviors on a regular basis to remove and otherwise guard yourself from what adds stress to your day in advance. Ongoing tweaks of habits and daily rituals here and there are the key to ensuring your mental and emotional wellness remains in balance.

Remember, your mind is a temple—and the only one that is responsible for guarding what is fed into your temple and its care is you. Also remember that it is never a good practice to allow stress to build up. You do not have to wait until vacation time or until you have "extra money" to do something about it. By using a few simple practices to make stress management a lifestyle, you can ensure that your temple is secure for not just a moment, but for life.

What are some things that you do to make stress management a part you’re your daily lifestyle? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

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