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For those of you that at this point still don't know what I do, let me tell you...

I'm an ED doc... not ER, we're not an emergency Room any more, we are an

Emergency Department.  We handle emergencies.  Mhmm... remember that...


I have to admit, I did "grow up" watching, 

"M*A*S*H," "Emergency," "ER" and "Rescue 911."

I was in medical school when "Scrubs" got started.

I was a surgical resident when "Grey's Anatomy" and "House" started.

Very often, I have been asked if it's all like it is on TV.  

And, except for the really good looking people that seem to be everywhere, it kinda is.

Ok, yes, there are some good looking doctors out there, come on... 

but not to the extent that there are on TV...


And, I've never climbed up on a patient and ridden on the gurney with them down the hallway...

Although, I have run down the hallway with a patient, or two, or several...

I've seen the gamut from birth to death.

I've seen the inane and the insane.

And, yes, sometimes we need to take time out for ourselves and do a quick dance...

It beat crying in the stairwell feeling sorry for ourselves...

and, yes, I've done that too...


So, my blog is about my life, most of the time from outside the ED doors,

although most anyone will tell you they want to hear what happens

inside the ED doors... like my photo... about percocets and a candy bar...

hey, it's all about "customer" satisfaction these days...


**Views do not reflect any physician group, hospital, or any professional institutions or associations with which I am affiliated.  

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