25 Signs You Hate Your Job

5 years ago

Today I was talking with a colleague about what it felt like in those deep dark days of being in a job that you hate. It is intense. The feelings are real and sometimes the thoughts are irrational. It feels like you are trapped with no way out. It's not funny business by any means. That said, we vamped on a bit about some definitive signs that your job is killing you and sucking out your soul.

So here's today's top 25 list of "you know you hate your job when..."

  1. You lay on the floor in a fetal position crying on Sunday nights.
  2. You come home and yell at the kids and kick the dog (even if you don't have kids or a dog).
  3. You wonder how you can change your college major now (and you graduated at least a decade ago).
  4. It takes you 3 days to calm down when you go on vacation and the next 3 days to dread going back to the office leaving 1 day for true escape.
  5. You have to take a handful of Xanax in the morning just to go to work.
  6. You envy the garbage men, cafeteria workers, and anyone else doing any job but your own.
  7. You start panicking about 5pm on Sundays because the weekend is almost over.
  8. You secretly (and guilt-ridden) hope for just a small terminal illness so you can be on disability. (as if there is something as a "small" "terminal" illness)
  9. You love going to the dentist because at least you can leave work early for that. (ditto for the gynecologist and that is saying something!)
  10. You cling to your significant other in the morning, tear up, and say - please don't make me go there!
  11. You talk about leaving your job but never actually DO anything about it.
  12. You fantasize about your workplace burning down (so you can work remotely while they rebuild).
  13. You go to the casino or play the lottery regularly hoping to cash out so you can sing the song "Take This Job and Shove It" to your boss dressed as the Naked Cowboy/Cowgirl
  14. You live only for the weekends and vacation.
  15. You tell yourself..."if I just hang in there for the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years at least I'll have a good pension".
  16. When you regularly calculate how far your savings will go once you quit.
  17. You contemplate jumping in front of the train each morning figuring it will be less painful than going to work.
  18. When "What if I get hit by a bus?" Sounds like a step up.
  19. You mathematically plan every single hour you can call in sick, take vacation, or "flex" your time so you spend the absolute minimum number of hours at work.
  20. Every day you are sick to your stomach (maybe even actually vomit) because you have to get up and go to work.
  21. You cry every day on the way to work.
  22. You habitually do everything you can to numb out the pain (insert any addiction here - coffee, cigarettes, sex, alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, food, compulsive shopping, etc.)
  23. You lie awake sleepless (a lot) and you think, well at least I am not at work!
  24. You consistently complain, whine, and moan about your job to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who will listen.
  25. You invent new immediate family members who have passed on so you can take bereavement leave (or your grandmother has died 9 times in the past 3 years).

Have you experienced any of these? Have any other doozies you'd like to share?

And with all seriousness, if you ARE feeling like this... it is time to take proactive action. I'll write more about some steps you can take upcoming. Meanwhile, check out some of the great content in re-careering and entrepreneurship for some definitive advice and inspirational stories about making a change for the better.

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