2016 Blogging and Social Media Predictions

3 years ago
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2015 was a big year for blogging and social media. New social media platforms came out, others faded away, while others are watching their popularity dwindle. More people became full-time bloggers as a career and started offering webinars and consulting courses to help others follow their dream of becoming their own bosses.

Blogging and social media began more widely accepted as a career path, as opposed to just a passing fad or hobby. I have a feeling that 2016 will be an even bigger year for the blogging and social media industry. Here is my round up for predictions for 2016.

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Instagram will release an update that will enable clickable links in your posts.

Since Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms, more and more businesses (and bloggers!) are using it to promote, sell and brand themselves. Having the ability to include a direct link in your posts on Instagram would make a lot more sense rather than constantly having to change out the link on your profile.

Most people I know, when they post something on Instagram and they add the link to their profile, write "clickable link in profile" in the body of the post.

I can guarantee that each time you change the link in your profile, you don't go back and update the old Instagram post by removing that text. I know I don't. Having a direct link would make sense and would make the lives of those of us who use it to help promote and grow, much easier.

Pinterest will continue to grow and will rival Instagram and crew as the top social media platform.

I know. This might be a long-shot. Pinterest is, and has been, growing. It's not just about posting recipes and workout routines anymore. More and more businesses and companies are finding ways to be able to turn their Pinterest boards into a way to sell.

And with the introduction of Rich Pins in 2015, it allows businesses or individual to put money behind a specific pin, or pins, that they want to promote.

Pinterest is essentially a pinnable Instagram but without the spontaneity (which we all know in the blogging world is as spontaneous as we like to make it appear), the filters, and the ability to have clickable links. And we all know imagery performs much better than text alone.

Further proving that Instagram needs to add links to their posts.

MySpace will make a comeback.

Not that I want it to, but I think it will. Especially with the popularity of social media networks these days. MySpace faded out when Facebook came on the scene. I think MySpace will find a way to capitalize on the success of social media, rebrand and reintroduce itself. God help us if it does.

Facebook will start to fade away, just like MySpace did when Facebook came on the scene.

Can you imagine a world without Facebook? I can. I remember a world before everyone and their grandmother was on it. We survived without it before, and I think we could all survive with a little less "Facebook drama" in our lives. But that's not the real reason it will fade away.

It will start to disappear for three reasons: the first being other social media platforms becoming more popular. The second? The generation that came after Facebook, have no desire to join it, or if they were on it, are leaving it. The third? Those who run small businesses are discovering just how hard it is to create a following today.

In the early days, if you had a page, it would be seen by everyone who followed your page and so on. Each time Facebook has changed the algorithm, less and less people see your posts. Now, if you don't pay, next to no one sees them.

I have over 800 followers on my photography page. On average, 30-60 people see my posts. THAT'S INSANE. And because of that, I think you'll see people say goodbye to Facebook and hello to other platforms. Platforms that don't limit them.

Facebook will try to acquire Twitter & Periscope to create one large social media empire.

And they do it because they are trying to stay relevant. They don't want to be pushed off the scene. But they are beginning to realize that Instagram is much more popular than they are (even though they already own them), and Twitter is right there with it. Periscope isn't too far behind.

Why wouldn't they try to take over and become one big social media family. Don't worry. They won't succeed.

Twitter and Facebook will be hacked.

It will be one of the largest hacking situations in internet history. It will be such a large hack that people around the world will truly take a good hard look at having a Facebook or Twitter account. Enough said.

It will become universally acceptable to have "Blogger" listed as your career.

It pretty much is already, but it will become even more so. If you have found a way to monetize your blog to the point you can go full-time with it, then you should be able to have "Blogger" listed as your career.

Being a full-time blogger doesn't just mean you write a lot. It means you are the freelance writer, the copyeditor, the designer, the bookkeeper, the salesperson, the community relations manager, the president, the CEO and CFO, the human resources director and social media marketing manager.

Basically, it means you are an entrepreneur. And a successful entrepreneur at that.

Apple will create it's own blogging platform.

Google already has done the blogging thing (Blogger), so for Apple to try, it would be a bit behind the times. But they were too busy creating awesome technology instead of blog platforms. Think about how slick that blogging platform would be. I'd definitely get on board. But I'm an Apple nerd. And am convinced they are taking over the world.

What do you think will happen in the blogging and social media world in 2016?

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