Must-Read Political Blogs by Women

8 years ago
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So many amazing blogs written by women cover politics these days that it's become virtually impossible to find, list, organize or categorize them all. While some have tried, the content shifts often enough that any list built six months ago is already obsolete. After working on researching and building this list for nearly a month, rather than attempting to include every angle and everyone, I finally gave up.

Instead, I asked around and put together a must-read list of national political blogs to watch, so BlogHer readers can bet as complete a view of this snapshot in time as possible. Some are written also by men. All have a national focus, meaning they cover political issues around the U.S. and sometimes globally. All focus primarily on politics (in other words, there are a lot of bloggers who blog about politics as well as other topics, but unless politics is the primary focus, they were left off the list just to make inclusion more quantifiable.) They're categorized here by type of publication, alphabetically. Many of these are well known, but we tried to include some newer, less traveled blogs that readers like as well. Any corrections or updates, please let me know. And if we're missing your favorite(s), please add them in the comments.

Collaborative Political Blogs Featuring Women Bloggers:
  • Feministing - Young, progressive feminists report on global issues; founded by Jessica Valenti
  • Future Majority - Young progressives, including Sarah Burris
  • Hello Ladies - News, feminism, politics for women
  • Latino Politics Blog - Issues and races affecting Latino communities
  • MOMocrats - Democratic moms who came together in 2008 and continue covering a wide range of topics, consistently listed as a must-read political blog
  • MotherTalkers - Elisa Batista and friends covering every day issues for progressive parents
  • Pandagon - Amanda Marcotte and compatriots bite into current affairs
  • - Founded by Jodi Jacobson and written by several women, focusing on reproductive rights issues
  • The Political Carnival - Progressive pair, "Paddy" & "Laffy" provide snark and analysis of political news
  • Tennessee Guerilla Women - They may be from Tennessee, but they're on top of the hot news related to women in politics all over the country
  • The Confluence - Known as one of the "best liberal blogs," this collective includes a few women and uses great images to support detailed posts
  • The Moderate Voice - not necessarily aligned with any particular party, TMV proudly presents a mid-spectrum view, broadly named, including Kathy Gill, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Holly Robinson and more
  • The Political Voices of Women - An omnipartisan view of politics by a wide range of women, Pamela Lyn now runs the site founded by Catherine Morgan, and featuring past lists of political bloggers

Individual Political Blogs by Women:
  • Althouse - Ann Althouse writes on politics from the view of a law professor
  • Cosmopolitan Conservative - Adrienne Royer's tagline, "Conservatism never goes out of style," says it all
  • Conservatism With Heart - Dee Vantuy, a "Reagan/Rush Conservative" from the Heart of America blogs with passion
  • Fausta's Blog - A critical view from the right, mixing in Latin American issues in addition to American politics
  • Hullabaloo - Digby, blogging since 2003, has a keen eye for politics, covering a wide range of topics
  • Liz Mair - Formerly the online communications director for the Republican National Committee, Liz understands polling and political nuance well, providing a "fresh voice"
  • On the Edge - Susan, an avid politics watcher, writes with charm and feeling
  • Pam's House Blend - Whatever affects the LGBT from a political angle, Pam has it covered
  • PunditMom - Joanne Bamburger uses her expertise as an attorney and Washingtonian to cover the ins and outs of politics and news of the day
  • Sister Toldjah - Beautifully designed, the blog highlights detailed issues and news
  • TalkLeft - Jeralyn Merritt writes on "crime-related political injustice"
  • Taylor Marsh - "Political analysis, foreign policy and opinion"
  • The Angry Black Woman - politics and race, eloquently blended
  • This Week in Lady News - "Politics, Culture & Lady Business"
  • Writes Like She Talks - Jill Miller Zimon, also an elected city council official, writes on political news, gender in politics, and public service

Blogs by Women from Online Magazines & Newspapers:

Major Multi-pronged Political Blogs:
  • BlogHer Politics & News - includes a diverse group of women with different viewpoints as well as noted guest bloggers
  • Care2 Politics & Election blogs - featuring Cynthia Samuels, Robin Marty and more great women bloggers
  • Crooks and Liars - A blog with a long history, women now write a good deal of the posts there, including BlueGal and Karoli
  • Daily Kos - Joan McCarter, Scout Finch and other women join Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and his band of astute bloggers from a variety of backgrounds
  • FireDogLake - Founded by Jane Hamsher, this blog now includes commentary by a variety of bloggers, but it still fiercely covers politics, elections and related news
  • Hot Air - Perspectives from the right, including Lori Ziganto
  • Jack & Jill Politics - Cheryl Contee, aka Jill, and Baratunde Thurston, aka Jack, founded the blog that now includes more men and women providing a "black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics"
  • Talking Points Memo - One of the older blogs around, it now has expanded to a variety of contributors, including Christina Bellatoni

Women's Political Organizations with Active Blogs:
  • EMILY's List Blog - Primarily focused on fundraising for Democratic women running for Congress, EMILY's List now has a vibrant blog on women in politics
  • Moms Rising - More issue based than candidate focused, Moms Rising focuses on issues directly impacting mothers including healthcare, paid family leave, fair pay and flexible work
  • Women and Politics - The Women's Campaign Forum blog has stepped it up for the election season with extensive commentary on gender and media issues in the campaigns


Sarah Granger is a Contributing Editor for Politics and News. She also blogs at The Huffington Post and SFGate. She is curating BlogHer's political content through Election 2010.

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