2010 Gift Guide: 8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Blog

7 years ago
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Still need ideas for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, bloggers, zombie lovers, special needs kids, app addicts, photographers, style mavens, or foodies? We've got you covered and then some with our gift guides, chosen by BlogHer staff, contributing editors and members. We wouldn't steer you wrong.


The holidays are a great time for stereotyping. Every year by mid-November, we’re inundated with gift ideas for that special -- albeit cookie-cutter -- someone. Dads are allowed to be into either gadgets or golf; Moms, fashion or food. Does your partner appreciate scarves or wine stoppers made from twigs and berries? If not, good luck and Godspeed. Have fun sucker-punching strangers over the last iPad at Best Buy.

Bloggers, of course, are treated no differently. Since we need so few tools -- (Computer? Check. Free time? Um. Willpower? Sigh.) -- all gift ideas inevitably involve external hard drives, coffee-makers, or those carpal tunnel squeeze balls that look and feel like a single, giant testicle.

We thought it was high time people got creative, so we made our own blogger gift guide. Feel free to pass on to your family, along with a note that last year’s gym membership was much appreciated but somewhat passive-aggressive. Are some of these items imaginary? Perhaps. But they’re a hell of a lot more thoughtful than domain-name registration.

1. Personal Stenographer
Great post ideas rarely happen when a blogger is sitting at her desk, staring intently at her blank computer screen and willing for inspiration to arrive on the wings of angels like a less virgin-y Annunciation. No, they strike while in line for the ATM or while wrangling an infant onto a plastic changing table in the bathroom at Barnes & Noble. A personal stenographer will ensure that you never miss another great idea just because you can’t jot it down. Bonus: The ability to remember hysterical conversations verbatim! Interested? Go to: Huseby.com (Or, you know, just make your oldest kid follow you around with a tape recorder.)

2. Pajama jeans
Pajamas that are jeans. Jeans that are pajamas. Need we say more? It’s like work and play are locked in a lurid, fleece-y embrace that perfectly accentuates your ass. Get comfy at Pajamajeans.com

3. Wine of the Day Club membership
Wine of the month doesn’t cut it when you have to crank out 5 or more posts a week. While no vinyards are currently offering this club, there is surely someone in your household who can make it happen. Light some candles, fire up your laptop, and crack open a new bottle (or box; we don’t judge) as you inhale the bouquet of genius. Locations vary.

4. Coach Eric Taylor
Throw out your punitive Post-Its. Friday Night Lights’ fictional coach will get you through any bouts of writer’s block, providing tough love (“Git ‘er done!”) or sentimental wisdom (“Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose!”) depending on your needs. The actor that plays Coach Taylor, Kyle Chandler, is represented by Leslie Siebert at the Gersh agency. Call at your own risk, and kindly do not mention that we sent you.

5. The Oregon Trail
This blast from the past keeps motor skill sharp (fording a river without drowning anyone requires serious hand-eye coordination) and serves as an educational procrastination tool. Plus it’s fun to see which boss or ex-boyfriend dies of dysentery first. Find it at Amazon.

6. Twitter and hashtag jewelry from Survival of the Hippest
A glorious union of bling and branding, Survival of the Hippest’s chic necklaces, pins, and bracelets are a must-have for media mavens. Wear your Twitter handle, become Best Cyber Friends with your blog-crush, or hang a hashtag around your neck. A sparkly #fail never, ahem, fails to amuse on bad days. #getone at Survival of the Hippest.

7. USB Typewriter
Maybe your words aren’t flowing because you’re not typing loud enough! For just a few Ben Franklins, the USB typewriter will turn your laptop or iPad into a trip down technology’s memory lane. Get old school at USBTypewriter.com. (Note: Adults who live under the same roof as the USB Typewriter owner may need to be enrolled in the Wine of the Day Club.)

8. Inspirational art
Gussy up your office or workspace with motivational artwork that does not feature a kitten hanging from a tree. Etsy vendors specialize in cheeky signs that will make you smile as you look around desperately for distraction. Two of our favorites: Earmark’s clever riff on the ubiquitous British WWII posters, FREAK OUT AND THROW STUFF, and Lemon With A Pea’s colorful paintings that say things like “Let your freak flag fly” and “I want to know what love is. I want John Krasinski to show me.”

What are your favorite gifts to give blogging aficionados?

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