2009 Video Game Gift Guide

8 years ago

My 6-year-old already has a callus from the Nintendo DS.
My 4-year-old can flip on the Xbox without asking me for help.
My husband disappears into his PC for hours while I hear the clang of swords.
My brother and I take 'Rock Band' lunch breaks on any given Tuesday.
From the hard core PC role playing games that take months, to the family Wii tournaments on a Sunday night...we are a gaming family.

That means come the holidays, video games are first and foremost on our wish lists. I've snagged those lists and checked in with the gaming experts from around the web to compile the biggies for 2009.

This year's MUST haves:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2- Many a partner will be cursing this game high and low, because they will lose their loved one to it's grasp for weeks (or at least one very long marathon day and night). My husband and brother are already plotting exactly when they will purchase (if they can find it) and play. It just hit stores this week and is quickly becoming the game to get your hands on. The biggest complaint I'm hearing so far? If you are a Call of Duty virgin like myself, don't even bother unless you have a veteran to take you though.
Buy it for: husband, boyfriend, serious gamers in the family. NOT for the kiddos.

Scribblenauts- Write anything. Solve everything. That's the tagline and boy they aren't kidding.

Spelling, imagination, adventure- yeah, this Mom is down with Scribblenauts (and wants to snag it to play too).
Buy it for: the whole family.

New Super Mario Bros.Wii- If there is one mainstay of video games in my house that keeps everyone happy...it's Mario and his friends. On November 15th a brand new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii will be released and it's already expected to be a huge hit. GirlGamer has the scoop:

With a speculated 80-90 levels and 4 player mode this is a whole new way to play your favorite classic franchise. You can be Mario, Luigi, Blue or Yellow Toad, and it comes fully loaded with a new suit, new abilities, and new environments. Whether you want to challenge your friends to run through levels for the highest score, work together to get through it, or pick them up and throw them, this is a great way to invite friends to play together.

Buy it for: the whole family, anyone on your list.

Beatles Rock Band- Mixing the 'houseful of people, party' fun of Rock Band and the legendary band The Beatles has game lovers swooning. You get to play with The Beatles at the Ed Sullivan Theater and "join them in psychedelic dreamscapes, behind closed doors at Abbey Road, and in their last live show on the Apple rooftop." What's not to love?
Buy it for: music lovers. party pals.

Dragon Age Origins- Admittedly my eyes glaze over when role playing games are mentioned, but Dragon Age Origins has the RPG crowd buzzing. It's the successor to Baldur's Gate (which my husband played while I watched over his shoulder asking annoying questions like 'why is that castle over there?' and 'who's the elf dude?') and one of those games you play until you die, or something better comes along.
Buy it for: Dungeons & Dragons fan, serious gamer.

DJ Hero- You've probably caught the commercial for this one already. Eminem and Jay-Z on stage:

For those who've played Rock Band or Guitar Hero...this is the next natural step. I'll admit it...I totally want to try and scratch.
Buy it for: Teens. Music lovers.

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