50 Shades of NO: Worst Halloween Costumes, Ever

4 years ago

Do you really want to scare your friends and loved ones this Halloween? Freak them out by dressing up as the kind of person who would choose to wear any one of these truly horrifying costumes. We had a little fun with the worst of the worst costumes -- see for yourself!

Dog With Boobs

Because "look at the tits on that bitch" is such an irresistible one-liner?

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Plumber With Crack

Butt crack and toilets: everyone's idea of a fun time!

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Fart on Fire

Is this what happened to the first Steven from Blue's Clues? Special delivery!

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Sexy Beefeater

What, is she hiding the rest of her costume in the hat?

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Rasta Banana

Oh, we're worried, all right!

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ “Hip Hop Home Boy”

In the catalog, it might as well say "Blackface optional."

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Bodacious Ta-Tas

This costume is in no way redeemed by the fact it's made for women, too. Nope.

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Stuff of Nightmares

Do they just keep making him bigger to make him scarier?

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Osama bin Laden

Just call this one "For Ugly Americans."

NEXT COSTUME ⇒ Even Worse Than Osama bin Laden

There isn't enough wine in that bottle -- or any bottle -- to help us un-see these horrors.

Which one do you think is the worst? Have you seen worse? IS IT POSSIBLE THERE ARE WORSE? Nooooooooooo! ::fade to black::

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