2: Woke up Edgy

5 years ago

Day 2: 

This week in preparation for our Wednesday Tia n’ Badia day I did some scavenging for stuff that I’m told I’ll for sure need.  I found a rear seat baby mirror (again, Mol’s suggestion) on a FB garage sale page.  While this item was only $2, it cost me an entire day’s worth of communication via email and text, an meeting time that I planned my day around,  a request for an earlier meeting time, me obliging and then finding myself waiting in the AV Sam’s parking for over 20 minutes – for this $2 mirror that I will obviously never use because I cannot imagine the day where I’ll have the courage to put this little life into the backseat of my car and drive her somewhere.  

I’ve decided to start compiling a list of the “things I’ve done for you and you can’t even…….” for Betty so that I can guilt her into compliance in the coming years.  Might as well keep the cycle going.  Rear seat mirror will be the first on the list. 

Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for our friends at MTT??  Let me count the ways:

1               A vibrating popasan infant chair from Julie and Ryan I

2               An infant swing from John S

3               A pack n play from Anne and Fred P

4               A RUNNER STROLLER from Ashley A

And I’m so far only out $2.  I’m set!

I woke up edgy. Mr. Biggers wanted to be held all morning and it was really bugging me and I could feel my nervous energy building, even though there’s no logical reason for it. I putzed from 6am till Mol arrived at 8:30.  My thoughts as we started the day: “Last week was easier than it should have been.  Day 2 can’t be that easy. What are we going to DO all day.”

Sandi and Will came to visit us, which was great.  Will came with blueberry muffins to share and lots of questions about the dogs.  He also thought it was hilarious that we have two GIRL dogs and he has no dogs, “oh, c’mon!!” he says.  They stayed for about 2 hours and we took a walk in our new-to-us runner stroller which is about 100 times too big for you but we sure made it work.

Betty Baby Mae was crashed out by the time we got back and slept for about 45 more minutes and no we sit here waiting for mommy while I push my new-to-us swing that has no batteries. 

Day 2, again, was easier than it should be, obviously my day is coming. 

Best part of today: seeing her kicky wiggly babiness so happy with just her diaper on and of course having friends over.

Worst part:  Right this second, cuz she’s surely hungry but her timing is off and mol should be here soon so can’t feed her. 

Lesson learned: do not set too lofty goals such as “cleaning and vacuuming while she sleeps”, be happy with folding laundry and running dishwasher as the day’s accomplishments.

We ran out of time (no idea how that happened) so we didn’t get her workout in today, we’ll double it up next week.  Love you peanut, thank you for being such a good girl.

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