14 Simple Tips for Sustainable Living

Moms and dads: remember the 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

1. Compost all organic scraps and leftovers from your kitchen and garden including lawn clippings. Stay away from breads and meats as it may attract rats to your composter and home.

2. Use plants to filter air instead of an electric air filter: http://www.livinggreenwithbaby.com/clean-air-green-air-some-plants-can-…

3. Use natural or ‘organic’ home cleaners: http://www.livinggreenwithbaby.com/15-items-that-will-keep-your-home-cl…

4. Use less or no Styrofoam

5. Recycle materials: learn what your city or county recycles, where and how and separate paper, metals, plastic and glass accordingly; and teach your children about the importance of recycling

6. Opt for paperless billing and pay your bills online

7. Collect rainwater and reuse for garden watering or even flushing your toilet; and teach your children about the importance of water conservation

8. Shut off unused appliances: according to http://www.livegreen.iastate.edu/living/go/docs/10WaystoStartLivingGree… a. Gaming consoles can cost $250 a year.

9. If possible air dry clothes: http://www.livinggreenwithbaby.com/ten-simple-ways-busy-moms-can-go-gre…

10. Use recycled materials: when shopping from anything from clothes, house supplies to tools-choose products labeled “Made from recycled material”

11. Eat local produce-you will support your local economy, cut down on carbon footprint and save money too

12. Participate in a community outreach activity with your children

13. Plant a tree with your children

14. Encourage a green living activity in your children’s school or in the community – spread the word!!!

By many small differences we can all together make a big difference

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