13 tweets I wouldn't mind never reading again

8 years ago

Given, Twitter is a cool tool. Many of us don't know what we'd do without it, even while suspecting that we might be better off by reclaiming that brain space and intellectual bandwidth that we spend sending such deep thoughts as "Ha! @[friend's name]." But with a squamillion tweets per day (figure is approximate), some of them are bound to be dullsville, some annoying, some actionable…

But I don't want to argue the value of the medium - You got me, Twitter. You've done some impressive things - freed political prisoners, reported on scary government activities (here and abroad), and you are a great equalizer - giving voice to activists great and small, and letting the message carry the day.

But there are all kinds of posts about the cultural significance of Twitter, and guides to using the site to your advantage - how to mount a successful campaign, make good connections, increase your follower rolls, strategically develop relationships and authority within your target community. This isn't one of them.

Just because it's easy to tweet doesn't mean it's always a good idea. I totally understand the pressure to post often, and the ease with which we can jot and post. Twitter's on my phone, my laptop, my work PC… And, disturbingly, it's being used by news reporters on the Tee Vee to "take the pulse" of the population on an issue. I actually have a lot of problems with that one that I will save for another time.

But on a lighter note - here are a few tweets that I would not miss if I didn't read them again. These are speed bumps in my stream-scanning. They're not criminal, but they clog the tubes and numb my senses - preventing me from getting swiftly and efficiently to that new study on pay equity, or the latest LOLCat. 

I'm not innocent - I've done some of these myself. It's just so easy, and some of them (company complaints) get great results.

Tweets I wouldn't miss:

  • I'm on a [plane/train].
  • [company] sucks because they didn't respond immediately to my complaint.
  • [company]! Contact me immediately about my complaint!
  • I'm opening a [beer/bottle of wine]
  • [significant other] is the best.
  • I have bed head today. [picture]
  • Win an iPad
  • In fact, anything iPad related.
  • Twitter is [important/growing at X rate]
  • Happy [obscure or fictional holiday]
  • [Television show] is unbelievable tonight!
  • Facebook is using your personal information!
  • [anything using the word "sexing."]



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