12 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

4 years ago

The iPhone is one of the world’s most popular smartphones, and those who have one spend a lot of time with it. But how well do you really know your iPhone? I bet you there are many features that you're not taking advantage of because you don't know they exist. Here are 12 features you probably didn’t know about your iPhone that will make you enjoy your phone even more.


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If you ever write anything that you want to delete, instead of deleting letter by letter, you can shake your iPhone and it will fade. Go ahead, try it.


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When you're writing an email or a text message and you want to add a period at the end of the sentence, double tap the spacebar. It will add the period and space automatically.


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When you write a message and you need to use digits a few times amongst the words, it can be tedious to always press the function symbol to toggle between the number keyboard and the letter keyboard. Instead, you can always hold the digit function down (123) and slide your finger over to the digit you need. The keyboard will automatically go back to the letter keyboard after you add the digit.


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Want to send small emoticons in your emails and texts? Go to the settings of your iPhone, then "General," "Keyboard," "Keyboard" again, and then "Add New Keyboard." From that menu, select "Emoji," and you will be able to press the small planet down inside your keyboard whenever you are writing a message until you see the Emoji keyboard appear! Warning, these icons are not always compatible with other devices that are not iPhones.


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When you are on a Web page on your iPhone, you may have to slide down to read an article. When you get to the bottom, you don't have to scroll all the way up and get tendonitis. Quickly double-tap time at the top of your screen, and you will go up at the beginning of your web page. This feature also applies to text messages.


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When you want to type a website address, you don't need to type out the .com (or other address suffix). At the bottom of your keyboard, touch the "." and you will see a menu pop up. Hold this key and slide your finger to the correct suffix on the list.


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Want to save a few seconds when accessing your texts, tweets, emails or other messages? When you receive a notification, drag the icon to your notice as you would with your home screen. You will go directly to your notification! If you want to remove these notifications, drag them up with the new update!


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If you want to take a screenshot, rapidly and simultaneously press the lock button (located on the top of your phone) and your home button (the round button). The image will show up in your camera roll.


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When you watch a video on your device, it may be somewhat difficult to fast-forward through it with accuracy. Do you want to fix this? Hold down the small dot in the scrollbar video and slide your finger down and the move it slowly toward the right or left. You can move forward or backward at half, quarter or eighth speed.


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Want more advanced features on your calculator? Put your iPhone on its side, and it will switch to scientific mode. Also, if you make a mistake, you simply slide your finger from left to right or from right to left where the numbers appear, erasing one by one past your keystrokes!


Image: Melissa Ford

In the new update iOS7, you can decide how your iPhone will vibrate. You only have to go into "Settings," "Sound," "Ring" and choose "Vibration." You can even create your own unique vibration.

What are your favourite iPhone tricks?

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