12 Dumb Ideas for Blog Posts

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I was sitting here trying to come up with an idea for a blog post. Of course, I Googled, "blog post ideas" and got a whole lot of crap. By crap, I mean lists of lists. Basically, everyone regurgitated the same stuff on their blogs of what other people could write about on their blogs. But nowhere did I see a list of what NOT to write about on your blog.

This is where I come in folks. I'm here to help you by telling you some very dumb ideas for blog posts. Ready? Okay. Here we go:

1. Foods That Give You Gas

Being transparent is one of the hallmarks of a good blogger, but we don't need to know that broccoli gives you a massive fart attack. Keep these kind of things to yourself please.

2. How Long You Stood in Line at the Post Office

We don't care that you stood in line for 3 hours to mail a Snuggie to your Aunt Betty. Although, this could give readers a good idea about your taste in gifts.

3. Your Shoe Size

Boring. Unless you wear a size 14. Then we can talk.

4. The Last Time You Changed Your Sheets

First, if it has been longer than a week it's gross. Second, too many bad visuals.

5. Describe Your Visit to the Doctor's Office

We all hate to go to the doctor and we hate it even more when you tell us about your visit. So don't.

6. Why You Have No Friends

Probably because you blog about the stuff that's in this list.

7. What's Under Your Bathroom Sink

No one cares, okay?

8. Top Ten Reasons for Not Brushing Your Teeth

This should not be on any blog. Ever.

9. The Best Time to Take Out the Trash

For some, this would be appauling because  the trash would be overflowing, rotting, and smell like @ss.

10. The Art of Pencil Sharpening

There is no art involved here. Pencil goes in unsharpened and comes out sharpened. The end.

11. How the Holes in Your Socks Got There

The holes got there because of your grotesquely long toe nails. Yuck!

12. Vacuuming Your Carpet

Yes, please do but don't blog about it.

This has been a public service announcement from Random Chick. Please heed this warning to NEVER write ANY blog posts about these things because if you do, all hell will break lose and the end of the world will be your fault.


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