The 12 and 12 For Keeping Your Brand Re-Freshed!

6 years ago

This is the final part of our six part series on Brand Power-Are You Building It!
We have journeyed together on an adventure and explored, gone off the beat and path a little, detoured and taken some side trips but have never lost site of the main road.
The importance of personal branding today is undeniable in life and business. Building personal relationships and connections, tribes and communities is our fact of life both in person and online. We have these two amazingly diverse and complementary worlds that we live, work and play in. The potential, benefit and tangible rewards of having both to use for communication is astounding.

So, this is where we have been and what we have covered in our series.

3 Keys to a Brand That Stands Out
Your Brand is You, Your Branding is You In Action.
Blend The Power Of Making Connections In-Person and Online.
Why Your Brand Authenticity Counts From The Beginning.
10 Factors That Make Your Brand Stand Out

I love working with and being around entrepreneurs, especially today. This is a choice that not everyone is cut out for but if you are here are..
 “The 12 & 12 for Keeping Your Brand Re-Freshed”!

12 personal principles that have been instrumental for me to stay positive and in the now.

1-Faith-in your vision and purpose

2-Courage-to live authentically

3-Positivity-there is a silver lining in everything

4-Perseverance-keep going when you believe

5-Resilience-everything you need is already inside you

6-Flexibility-yield to the winds

7-Generosity-pay forward, give back

8-Patience-don’t give up to easily

9-Hope-gravitate toward the good and share hope

10-Poise-stand tall and proud, no matter what

11-Intuition-go with those guts that usually are right

12-Respect- integrity with yourself and others

12 websites and blogs that keep me thinking and learning.

I choose to focus on what is possible, the positivity all around me, the doers and action people and align and line myself up with them .

I am committed to being present, mutual, collaborative and being an active part of who and what I am committed to.

When you put yourself in the stream of positivity and possibility, it naturally picks you up and points you in the direction you are supposed to be going in!

Refresh, renew and rebirth yourself regularly. It's organic, natural and follows its own ebb and flow.

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