110 Short and Snappy New Solo Business Owner Tips

5 years ago

Woa! Before you scan down the page.

This little list is my list. These are my thoughts based on my experiences.

I hope you have a very different list, you do don't you? Go ahead and share them in the comments,when you get there.

Or if you're just starting out, ask a question, please. Anything on the list that makes you go 'huh?'

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'Nuff said.

110 'Quick' Little Biz Tips for New-ish Solo Business Owners

0.5 (Just thought of this after hitting publish.) Don't sign up for anything unless you're prepared to do the work.

1. Love your customers and clients.

2. Marketing is not a dirty word. It's just (or can be if you let it) as creative as the fun stuff. Don't let anyone fear you into thinking it is.

3. Never get paid on outcome based work. Always get paid for the work you deliver.

4. Never, ever, ever take your business to bed with untrustworthy peeps. If it doesn't feel right, you're probably spot on.

5. Get a contract signed if you're in a partnership.

6. Stand for something much bigger than you.

7. Be remarkable or go home.

8. Work with your ideal client, you'll have a heck of a lot more fun.

9. Write your business materials as you talk, not corporate woowoo trite.

10. It's quicker, easier and less hassle to pay someone to teach you what you want to know.

11. You don't need to know any HTML is a complete lie. You do.

12. Never put off showing who you really are.

13. Your family and friends will never really understand you're business baby, seek support from those who do.

14. Never, ever, ever, work for free, ever. Trade if you have to.

15. Run your business as a business, have fun but get serious.

16. You cannot copy another business, be unique and you will find your place.

17. You will get tired and emotional. Take more breaks.

18. It's hard work, get used to it. 18 hour days aren't for everyone.

19. Ask for help. Ask. Ask. Ask. Reach out to people.

20. Get in there, get dirty, make plenty mistakes as quickly as possible.

21. Step out your own area of expertise to learn what you need.

22. Smell BS before you're covered in it.

23. You cannot do it ALL alone. Ever.

24. When success happens. Be ready for it.

25. Don't ever stop marketing, even if you're delivering.

26. Be authentic from Day 1.

27. Say no if you don't have the time.

28. Always remain true to your core values. Always. Can't decide? Go back to them.

29. Learn to take feedback.

30. If you aren't excited about what you, sure bet you're customers are bored too.

31. Don't appeal to everyone. It doesn't work.

32. Decide who the buck stops with.

33. Nothing is perfect 1st time round. Get it out there.

34. Be vulnerable. Don't seek approval from others.

35. Plan as much as can be planned. Then let your clients decide.

36. Deal with your money crap (if you have any) sooner rather than later.

37. Don't ignore the problems, they aren't going away.

38. You are a business owner from Day 1. Act it.

39. Focus. Don't get distracted by the next shiny new thing.

40. Give 100x more than a client expects.

41. Don't argue in public (even online.)

42. If cash flow is an issue, take the shortest route to paying your mortgage. Create after the rush.

43. Never build your property on someone else's land. (i.e. Facebook is not yours, neither are free websites.)

44. Commit yourself to your ideas.

45. Prepare to make sacrifices. Does that washing really need done?

46. Always be willing to help others.

47. Never forget to thank.

48. Resources is not all about money, what else do you have?

49. Speak well of your business. Always.

50. No one is born a business owner, everyone begins at the same place (usually from scratch!)

51. Inspire. Inform. Ignite. Before you do anything else.

52. Never spam, it's just wrong.

53. Turn up on time, everytime and be willing to learn also.

54. Treat customers with the same respect you give your loved ones.

55. There are no instant overnight success secrets. None. You may be duped into buying it one day. Shut down the noise.

56. Only buy what you need at start up, not what looks shiny.

57. Speak to people who have been there, done that, got the T-shirt and can prove their achievements.

58. Find out if people need and want your product first before you create it.

59. Start marketing/networking/building meaningful relationships before your service/product is ready.

60. Get out the work that's wanted, not what you think is needed, make amendments later.

61. Create the culture you want from Day 1.

62. The business you start, won't look the same in 2 years, it won't. Get over analysis paralysis.

63. Would you buy what you offer? Don't sell it if you wouldn't.

64. You need a strategy, not necessarily a business plan.

65. Always add to your own learning.

66. What works for that other little business, may work in yours.

67. Focus your business, not the failure statistics.

68. If you want to change routes, do it, don't flog a dead horse (horrible expression!)

69. Some stuff (even the boring work) needs to be done by you. Get over it. Get it done.

70. Don't expect complete freedom, not at first. That is a massive myth.

71. Tell people you're busy and shut the door.

72. You can take risks, but you aren't a stunt person (unless you are!)

73. Fall in love with your customers (have I said that already?)

74. Working harder is not working smarter. Think about what you're working on.

75. Work hard, but never on the work that's wrong.

76. It's up to you to tell people the value of working with you. They can't guess.

77. Build it (website) and they will come is complete hoohaa.

78. Build a website that works. Minus comic bloody sans.

79. Don't dare ignore your clients until you want something.

80. You are your boss. Would you hire you? Get serious if the answer is no.

81. Celebrate your achievements, even if you have to go to a pub on your own.

82. If it's not out there, expect no return.

83. Follow a handful of people who are doing what they say, watch what they do.

84. Never try and replicate another, but if you like a strategy someone else has, use it. If it works for you, thank them.

85. Do your research. Find out what people want.

86. Keep your credit card at home at free seminars and courses.

87. Unless your Amazon, don't act like Amazon.

88. Show up as you, always. Not a fake version of you.

89. You have full accountability, ownership and control. Accept it, it's awesome!

90. Love your customers and clients (oh, again!)

91. You will fail. Lots. Mistooks will be made. Own up, move forward, don't dwell.

92. The small things do matter, make them happen and create a red carpet experience for your clients.

93. Your customers aren't in your home office, get out the house.

94. If it's not fun, what are you doing it for?

95. Somethings take longer than others to implement.

96. Don't let someone elses 'rags to riches' story become yours.

97. Speak to someone about your fears.

98. Information should never have you in overwhelm, not if it's good information.

99. Be honest about your finances.

100. Take one full day off a week. No excuses. Yes, you can.

101. Step out your business and see what's happening in the business next door.

102. Don't ever be shy to accept a kind gesture. Never falter in giving them away.

103. The people who have requested to hear from you (your sign up list) are more important than Social Media.

104. Never got to a networking event to see what 'you can get'.

105. Never turn up online asking 'what can I take'. Give first.

106. Be there for your customers and clients, not Google.

107. Take care of your health. If you aren't there, your business stops.

108. Know your ideal client. Write her/him a letter. Talk about their fears.

109. Share what can be shared. Expect nothing in return.

110. To be continued...

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