101 Things in 1001 Days

4 years ago
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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a list of 101 goals I plan to accomplish within 1001 days. I hope this will inspire you to make your own list! I've already started a few of these!
Start:  January 3, 2014
End:  April 7, 2016
1).Create a 101 in 1001 list (January 3, 2014).
2).  Do yoga at least 3 days a week for a solid month.
3).  Learn how to sew on my new sewing machine!
4).  Create a collaborative series with a fellow blogger.

5).  Buy a domain for my blog, REVERIE 17.
6.)  Find a pen pal that will only write in French or German with me, to help me perfect the languages! (Is this you?? Email me or leave a comment!)
7).  Enroll in/attend a blogging course via A Beautiful Mess or Blogshop.
8).  Visit 5 new cities I've never been to.
9).  Keep an "idea journal" to jot down design/business ideas that will help me in the future.
10).  Blog 4-5 days a week, and keep up with social media and blog comments.
11).  Become a vendor in at least one craft show.
12).  Connect with 5 bloggers in person.
13).  Start my own business, even if it's just obtaining a business license for an Etsy shop.
14).  Turn off all social media one day a month, minimum, for a year.
15).  Adopt a cute little dachshund puppy!
16).  Visit France or Australia before April 2016.
17).  Move out of Chicago.
18).  Go to a Chicago Blackhawks game!
19).  Reach 1,000 followers on at least one social network.

20).  Run a 5K.

21).  Do 10 different DIY projects.
22).  Read 20 books.
23).  Submit an article to big publication, like Lucky or Vogue. (Bonus points if it's published!)
24).  Learn to make ravioli from scratch.
25).  Take a ballet class.
26).  Go to dinner at the Walnut Room.
27).  Pay off my credit card debt.
28).  Go stand-up paddleboarding.
29).  Stop drinking coffee for a month.
30).  Visit NYC again!
31).  Attend a musical on Broadway in Chicago or NYC.
32).  Invest in a DSLR camera.
33).  Have an herb garden and only cook with the herbs that are grown.
34).  Embrace my lactose intolerance and avoid cheese at least 5 days a week.
35).  Learn and understand the sport of football.
36).  Sketch a drawing everyday for 3 months.
37).  Write 10 letters and send them via snail mail.
38).  Pay for a stranger's order behind me at a restaurant of any kind.
39).  Take 5 Coursera classes.
40).  Attend a blogging conference.
41).  Set one new reachable goal a month.
42).  Start a business plan for my future boutique.
43).  Write, and stick, to a budget.
44).  Save $5 for each "thing" I complete.
45).  Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 3 months.
46).  Donate to at least three non-profit organizations a year.
47).  Write a journal entry everyday, even if it's just a drawing.
48).  Give 10 people a spontaneous homemade gift.
49).  Try poutine.
50).  Only buy lunch while at work twice a month.
51).  Find a new positive quote to live by everyday.
52).  Move into a condo or a house.
53).  Design business cards for my blog.
54).  Reach 500 blog followers.
55).  Host a brunch or dinner party.
56).  See a comedy show.
57).  Learn calligraphy.
58).  Buy new glasses (since mine are 4 years old!)
59). Watch 10 "classic films" (according to IMDB) I've never seen before.
60).  Save $1 or more a week in a jar.
61).  Have a picnic.
62).  Try every restaurant in Edison Park.
63).  Publish an e-book.
64).  Donate 20 articles of clothing from my closet.
65).  Start a blog newsletter.
66).  Visit Mall of America.
67).  Sell old CDs I don't listen to.
68).  Design and make my own handbag.
69).  Create a photo book for past vacations.
70).  Write 5 short stories.
71).  Visit 5 new museums.
72).  Study a language that isn't French or German everyday for a month.
73).  Relax 1 day a week.
74).  See the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
75).  Go to 8 street festivals.
76).  Read 3 plays by Shakespeare.
77).  Reach 50 goals before 2015.
78).  Play 5 board games (we never play games!).
79).  Change my last name to my husband's!
80).  Paint someone else's nails.
81).  Keep a food diary for a whole month.
82).  Watch a foreign film I've never seen.
83).  Go to a renaissance fair in a state besides Wisconsin.
84).  Buy 5 pieces of jewelry a year or less - any other jewelry must be handmade by me.
85).  Watch every movie I own.
86).  Go to the Christmas Parade at Disney World.
87).  Celebrate the New Year in New York.
88).  Visit California.
89).  Learn to play a musical instrument.
90).  Try 10 new craft beers.
91).  Make 5 new friends.
92).  Take a road trip.
93).  Eat at 5 restaurants that were on Food Network or Chicago's Best.
94).  Try a new cuisine.
95).  Skip tradition and eat Mexican food on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.
96).  Meet someone famous (that I haven't met before).
97).  See a band perform in another city.
98).  Win $50 or more at a casino, and then put that money in my jar.
99).  Eat at 3 Rick Bayless Restaurants.
100).  Start my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days once this is complete.
101).  Inspire someone else to write her own list.


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