10 Ways to look scammy when you're really legit...


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How to look scammy when you're really legit...

During a recent interview with Adrienne Graham I kinda went wild at the end with a spontaneous list of How Not To Look Like A Scammer if you're a legitimate business. We had so much fun that my interviewer nearly snorted coffee from her nose (not really), but we did laugh ourselves silly because these are so true, and so prevalent. I'm sure I've missed dozens of signals, but without further ado I present my Top Ten tips on :

They Just Might Be A Scammer! 


  • If tend to say things like "I have no education or training and stumbled on this miraculous..."
  • If they have no testimonials from real people telling their success stories...
  • If they use lots of primary colors in their copywriting like this...
  • If they don't have any published works and yet claim "international guru" status...
  • If they prey on your insecurities...
  • If promise HUGE results...
  • If they charge a fortune for something fuzzy...
  • If they claim divine inspiration (because ordinary schlubs like the rest of us don't get inspired...)
  • If they act amazing but helpless somehow, asking for your help...
  • If your gut instinct is telling you to pass on whatever they're offering.

I hope you enjoyed this oh-so-partial list of scam-busting goodness! What techniques do I need to add to the list?

Sending you warm wishes for every success and a worthy online reputation in your legit business online!


P.S. My compliments to Jeff Foxworthy for inspiring this list style with his oh-so-accurate "You Might Be A Redneck" series.


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