10 Ways Blogging Is Like Having an Affair

The more I have grown to love blogging, the more I have noticed so many changes in my lifestyle, and I think this blogging thing has many similarities to having an affair. Below are just a few examples of signs valid enough for anybody (a. k. a. the husband) to doubt your fidelity.

Image: Vladimir Yaitskiy via Flickr

1. You find reasons to get away.
"Honey, can you watch the kids? I need to check my email for something important."

2. You find yourself slowly untangling your body from your husband's embrace in the middle of the night so you can get off the bed unnoticed.
"Oh my goodness, the linky went live an hour ago!"

3. You lose sleep over it.
"I'll catch up on sleep during the weekend."

4. You secretly long for a response.
"What? Zero comments? That was awesome stuff people: talk to me!"

5. Changes in sexual behavior.
"I'll be with you in five minutes, honey! I'm almost done here. Why don't you take a nap while waiting!"

6. You join parties without telling your husband.
"Hello ladies! Sorry I had to wait for my husband to fall asleep! Catch me up! #TwitterAfterDark"

7. You have mastered the art of blind typing.
You can respond to comments using your phone and manage to keep it out of sight from everyone else.

8. You stay up late so you can "link up."
"Just one more blog hop then I'm hitting the sack."

9. You maintain multiple e-mail or social media accounts.
"This one's for personal stuff, while the other one if for my other personal stuff."

10. You are now talking to people that your husband doesn't even know.
"But Tom said, it's more beautiful in Arizona!"
"Who is Tom?"
"Never mind."

Do you have anything else to add to this list?


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