10 Things I Will Never Understand

4 years ago
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1. Dog food commercials

I don't understand why they feel the need to showcase the food up close, in bright lighting.. sometimes falling from the sky... like we, as humans, will think it looks appetizing. People.. I don't care to SEE how scrumptious dog food looks because... I'm not going to find it scrumptious!! Just tell me how it's healthy and what's in it .. throw in a cute dog... and you're done.

2. Emails about travel deals.

I don't understand emails that show you discounted flights from one city to another. But none of the departing cities are near you. How is this helpful? Not everyone lives in NYC or LA, Travelocity.

3. Public bathroom stalls. 

I don't understand why ballroom stalls have doors that open INWARDS towards the toilet. I realize it helps save space on the outside so doors aren't swinging around, but a lot of them leave you NO room to get to the desired location - the toilet. Ever done the around the door wiggle? Yea.. not fun.

This is especially aggravating at the airport. Oh, you need to fit your roller bag and other items in the stall with you? Well we are going to make it impossible to enter said stall with your items just because we can.

4. Tabloids

Do people actually buy these? How are they in business? I go through the check-out line at Kroger and see all of the headlines "HER HUSBAND FOUND WITH ANOTHER MAN!" .... "HER SECRET EATING DISORDER REVEALED!" Do people really believe these things??

Don't get me wrong, I like a healthy dose of entertainment news, but these tabloids that just print false stories, I don't get it.

5. Scary movie previews and commercials

This drives me insane. When we are in a theatre and the previews come on, there is guaranteed to be one horror movie promo. I HATE horror movies. They scare the hell out of me. So for 90+ seconds I have to close my eyes and ears so I don't have to watch that shit. It's so annoying - because obviously they put the most messed up stuff in the previews.

It's the same at home with horror movie commercials. I have to change the channel every time until it's over. What if there are small children in a theatre or at home and see one of these and get nightmares?? I realize a lot of people love them but I just wish they didn't have to pop up randomly and show so much jacked up stuff.

6. Putting a price sticker on the glass of picture frames.

Talk about something that makes me want to pull my hair out. The price stickers never come all the way off and it's a sticky mess! Right in the middle of your face! Is it really that difficult to put the price sticker on the back of the frame? I promise it won't damage any brain cells.

7. Phone books. 

Why in the world do they still print and distribute phone books?????????? Anyone???? Anyone??

I was shocked recently when there were some delivered to our house. Seriously, though? How ridiculous do phone book printing companies feel? I bet when those employees are out they say they are telemarketers to make themselves sound more respectable.

And if you are a company who advertises in phone books... do yourself a favor and go fire your Marketing Director NOW.

I'm not even a "save-the-earth" buff, but come ON. They might as well go cut down millions of trees and just throw them in a landfill for fun!

8. Animal abuse.

Any of it. Whether it's a pet or an animal that is headed to the slaughter house, NO ONE has the right to harm them. If you don't want to love an animal, don't get one. If you work somewhere where animals are killed for food, respect and love them until their life is ended for US to eat meat. These videos are just disturbing and heart breaking. I hope anyone who has ever done something like this is brought to justice.

9. Polishing your nails right before you go somewhere.

I have several friends who do this. The last step of their "go out" routine is quickly throwing on a fresh coat of paint. I don't understand. It's done so quickly that it's a mess, and then you are anti-hands for like 30 minutes or else they just get all jacked up. It just makes more sense to me to have it taken care of ahead of time or go all-natural.

10. Discount travel sites. 

I use Expedia and Kayak, etc... but only to book my trips. What I don't understand is that they always want you to compare to other sites and see how they are guaranteed to be the lowest! But.. they. are. always. all. the. same. I think one time I saw one site had a flight for a whopping $1 cheaper than another. #getcrazy
Maybe some of you have had better luck but I think it's all ridiculous.

What are some things you'll never understand?
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