10 things i hate about your blog

8 years ago

Yes indeed, the following are petty annoyances that bother me on other peoples' blogs. I guarantee you that at some point, you, yes you reading this right now, have done one of the following, either knowingly or unknowingly. I must get this off my chest. Please bear with me.

1. Those who type all in caps. It's ugly to read, first of all. Second of all, in internet ettiquette (or netiquette as some call it) all caps are considered shouting. I don't want to read about your DAY AT THE PARK AND HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS when I feel like I'm in the middle of bootcamp being shouted at by a drill sergeant. 'Nuff said.

2. Word Verification. Hate it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've had a blog for almost 3 years, had over 60,000 visitors and in all that time, I've only had to delete wayward comments perhaps a total of 5 times. It took no effort. I simply selected delete from the appropriate place on my dashboard. If you're really worried, you can set your blog comments to 'moderate', meaning you have to approve them first. If a spammer finds you, you simply delete them instead of allow them to be published. I also can never type in those durn things correctly. This is more a personal problem, I realize.

3. When bloggers type in all different sizes and colors. I can understand on rare occasion, or as if to caption a photo or something. But otherwise, I simply don't get it and find it very distracting. If you need to emphasize a phrase or word, there's this option called bold or italics or underline. Making every word a different color makes me think you are writing from your 1st grade classroom. Mature up.

4. When you leave a comment but then leave me no way to comment back-ie, you either have a private blog that I don't have access to, or you have no blog, or you have not attached any kind of email address to which I can respond. I get some great comments and have some great readers, but sometimes I can't contact them or respond back. This goes doubly for those with private blogs-I have a few that 'watch' my blog, yet I can not access them. Fishy, no?

5. For the love of criminy, auto-play music. This one about puts me over the edge. First, what makes you think I'm gonna like whatever random song you have chosen for your blog? Second, what makes you think that I don't have my own music playing and that your music might mess that up? Most people don't even realize that they can shut off the auto-on, so that a viewer has to hit play to hear it. Much more desirable. The first thing I do when I happen on those blogs is turn off my speakers. Please. Think of the children.

6. Bloggers who obviously don't proofread or at least try reading their blog out loud before they publish. Now I'm sure I'm guilty of this, and often. But I can't tell you how many times I've read a blog post from someone, in which they start telling a story, get side tracked for about one minute, and then say 'but I digress' and get back to their story. Think about it; for you, typing it, probably 18 minutes has gone by between sentences. But for me as the reader, it's more likely 8 seconds. It just sounds goofy. Read your posts out loud before you publish.

7. Your and you're. Your is possessive-this is your book. These are your keys. Your abuse of the English language is obscene. You-apostrophe-re is a contraction for you are. You're buying a monkey today. You're a great friend. You're getting on my nerves. Look it up. 8th grade English at it's best.

8. When bloggers write in one long paragraph instead of breaking it up into little ones. I admit-I see a long honkin' paragraph like that, I skip it. Your eyes need rest as you read. And one long paragraph is visually ugly and hard on the eyes. Breaking it up is easier to read, more fun, and gives the eyes a break as well as gives your reader a chance to pause and process a new thought. Consider it.

9. There, their, and they're. Oh don't even get me started on this one. The Simpsons put their house up for sale. They're moving to China. I hope they don't come back from there. See how easy it is? You can do this, I know you can.

10. People who post pictures that are teeny tiny. Seriously, this one gets me. Why post a picture the size of a postage stamp? Who is this helping? Are the Littles reading your blog? I know I'm not an old fogey exactly (yet) but I can't see any details in those pics. Make them large! Make them as big as you can make them! Mine would be bigger than they are but due to my 3 column format I am a bit limited. Please, enough of the micro mini photos.

Now my dear friends. You know I do this all in fun. As I mentioned, many people I know and love commit these fatal errors. I am positive I at one time have commited most of them myself. I apologize if I have hurt any feelings or if any of these hit too close to home. Let me again refer to netiquette and place a big ol' one of these Photobucket

on this post and that will make everything better, yes?

Now's your chance. What do you hate about my blog? What irks you, bothers you, burns your biscuits about the way I write or the format I write in? Feel free to demonstrate how I have broken any of the above rules. Do I use the words 'suck' and 'blow' way too often? Do I whine too much about school? Do I put too many videos in? Not enough? I want to hear it. And I won't be offended, I promise.

Well, maybe a little bit, but I promise to shake it off.

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