The 10 Rudest Questions a Person can Ask

8 years ago

Society wants us to believe that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Well I beg to differ. Here are ten of the STUPIDEST and RUDEST questions a person can ask. NEVER ask these questions...EVER.

1. "How did (insert person's name) die?"- I get so sick of seeing this on Facebook. A person dies and a friend (usually...that's another post for another time) will post a rest in peace status message and some idiot will respond with, "What happened?" That is so rude! Does it really matter to you or are you just being a NOSY HUMAN?  

2. "What happened to (insert person's name)?- This is something else that I see too often on Facebook. A person will say something like, "Pray for my friend who was in an accident this morning and is now in ICU." and someone will ask what happened! Aside from being none of your business, don't you think that the person whose friend was in the accident probably doesn't feel like relaying a story to your NOSY BEHIND?!  

3. "What happened to your (insert body part)?- This is probably THE rudest question I can think of. Two friends of mine have scars (one person's is on the forehead, the other person's is on the spine) and people are ALWAYS asking them how they got their scars! That is so rude! People don't like to think of their flaws, so you SHOULDN'T bring them up. The same goes for asking someone what happened to his eye, skin, hand, etc. And it's STILL RUDE if you have the same flaw and are asking about it, for example a person with a lazy eye asking someone else with a lazy eye what happened to his/her eye.

4. "When is the baby due?"- Some people--myself included--have tummies that stick out a bit and don't feel like sucking it in all the time, especially after a big meal (see pic below of 4 year old Megan). NOSY people assume we are pregnant...NEGATIVE. Unless a woman has made it known to you that she is pregnant--either verbally or through context clues--DON'T ASSUME.

5. "Is that your real (insert nice feature)?- People always ask if my hair is real. I know it's a compliment in disguise, but it's a pretty stupid question. Are you going to give me money for my hair or something? Are you going to give me five bucks for having my own hair? No? WELL STOP ASKING!

6. "Why don't you have sound like you're from (insert city here)?-I don't sound like I'm from New Orleans because my mother wanted me to have a career one day and maybe even be successful. Don't be mad because you sound like Toya or Li'l Wayne.

7. "Why are you single?"- If I knew why I was single, don't you think I wouldn't be single? That's so stupid...I'm single because I killed the last person who asked me that and couldn't find a date with a house arrest anklet on! Sheesh.

8. "Are you graduating this year?"- I don't mind this question when it's coming from people I actually care about (friends, favorite professors, etc), but when it's coming from random professors who I suppose are sick of seeing me in school, it makes me upset. I would love to graduate this year and I would have loved to graduate in 2007 when I was supposed to, but when you have post-bacc responsibilities without the bacc, things get tough.

9. "Were you adopted?"- I used to hate when people would look at my mom or grandparents and ask if I as adopted. Fair-skinned people have brown babies all the time...and vice-versa. What if I were adopted? Would you tell me who my birth parents were or something? NOSY!

10. "When are y'all getting married?"- No one asks me this of course, but my friends who have kids but aren't married get this question all the time. RUDE people "from the old school" like to ask young, unwed parents when they're getting married. They try to rush them into marriage but will take no responsibility when the marriage goes sour. That's really rude. Well, that's all for today. I have to go catch the bus before too late and go home. Oh, and I haven't been posting lately because I used all of my megabytes of internet at my house and my neighbors blocked theirs.

READERS: Has anyone ever asked YOU these rude questions? Do you think these questions AREN'T RUDE? Do you know of any OTHER RUDE QUESTIONS? Please share below!


Til next time, your single, non-pregnant, non-adopted, real hair having friend,


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-Megan Anne

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