10 Reasons Why We Shop at Kroger

5 years ago

On our journey to save money and cut costs, we have figured a few things out.  One of those is shopping at Kroger-brand stores.  There are many reasons we prefer shopping at Kroger versus other grocery stores or superstores like Target or Wal-mart.  While we honestly haven't done a ton of side-by-side price comparison on different products, we still firmly believe we save more overall shopping here at Kroger.

Here's why we shop at Kroger:

1. They accept WIC (Women's Infants and Children).  Stores like Target and Aldi's as well as drug stores do not accept WIC vouchers.  While I'm picking up other foods I can get my WIC at the same time.  Plus, we earn fuel points for WIC purchases.

2. They double manufacturer's coupons up to $.50.  Stores like Wal-mart do not. Saves us extra money with no additional effort on our part.  Plus, they accept all coupons, unlike other grocery stores we've shopped at in the past.

3. Kroger Fuel Reward Points.  For every 100 points we earn, points being accumulated one point per dollar, some purchases earning you extra points (like gift cards purchases which earn you 2x, sometimes 4x the amount of fuel reward points), means $.10 off per gallon of fuel per 100 fuel points at Kroger fuel stations, up to $1.00 off per gallon.  You can also redeem $.10 off per gallon at Shell Stations.

While the Kroger station we use is not at the store we shop at, there is one close enough to where Josh works to make it cost effective.  Plus, that station often has one of the lowest prices of fuel in the city, saving us even more.  Now that we have a suburban to drive, complete with a 27 gallon tank, lowering the cost of gas from $3.89 to $3.59 for 25 gallons, means a savings of  $7.50!  And if we fill up twice a month or more, saving money each time, that can really add up.

4. Kroger Reward Points mean extra minutes on our Access Wireless or i-wireless (government-funded) cell-phone.  For every 100 points we get an extra 10 minutes for our phone!

5. Kroger frequently sends out bonus coupons.  It seems like every month in the mail we receive free coupons from Kroger for various products, and about once a quarter receive customized coupons (based on what we usually buy) for being a loyal Kroger customer.  Free coupons for things I actually need send directly to my mailbox?  Yes, please!

6. It's super easy to load on-line coupons onto my Kroger's Shopper's Card.  I simply go on to their webpage and upload any coupons to my card and don't have to worry about remembering the coupons when I go to the store.  It automatically comes off when they ring up the qualifying purchase.  

The downsides to this, however, is that these coupons do not double, cannot be combined with paper coupons, and will be applied towards WIC purchases whether you want it to or not.  I therefore am careful about what coupons I select to be uploaded to my card (comparing them to my printed ones) and scan in my non-WIC food purchases first, so the coupons will be applied to that, and not my WIC purchases.

7. It's silly, but important - They have fairly wonderful customer service.  They bag our groceries and give our girls stickers. They often help people out with their groceries too. 

8. Buy 5 save $5 and other similar sale promotions.  Love these.  And they have them about every other month it seems.  We stock up on essentials like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and deodorant frequently when they go on these great sales, because not only do you get a rock-bottom price, you also get to use any manufacturing coupons you have on top of those awesome steals.

9. It has a pharmacy with longer hours.  The hours at the one we shop at are 8am-9pm.  Very generous hours.  It's always convenient to fill prescriptions while shopping for other things.  Plus, with each new prescription filled, you earn 50 extra bonus points on your Reward Card.  They also still accept our insurance, unlike Walgreens. 

10. They accept EBT (SNAP/Food Stamps).  Though more and more places are accepting EBT, if Kroger did not, we wouldn't shop there.

One more reason we like Kroger is because it is a chain store, found across the country.  Not only is it easy to find one, any Kroger-brand store (even under other names) will accept our Shoppers Card.  Though we aren't always happy with the selection of products available at our local Kroger, we are happy with the savings.

Do you shop at Kroger?  Why or why not?

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