10 Reasons Twenty-Somethings Love Brunch

4 years ago
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The secret is out—twenty-somethings love brunch. It’s the hottest social gathering of the week, with popular restaurants averaging wait times of two hours or more on a Sunday! Seriously, who knew that many people were even up at that time?

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Before brunch, I used to sleep in most Sundays, and it was glorious. So what is it about this meal that manages to pry me, and thousands just like me, out of our beds and into the world early on a weekend morning? I’ve compiled a list of reasons why brunch has quickly become every twenty-something’s favorite meal:

1. Brunch is a judgment-free zone.

There are no snide comments about whether you had too much to drink the night before, are hungover, or look like crap. Brunch just says, “Welcome friend, have a nice big stack of waffles, and oh—some bacon.”

2. Brunch saves you money.

Why bother going out to dinner on Sunday and paying $10 a drink when brunch is $10 for unlimited drinks? Get your liquid brunch on!

3. Brunch gets the party started right.

Speaking of liquid brunch, where else can twenty-somethings drink before noon and have it be socially acceptable? Brunch my friends, that is the magic of this meal.

4. Brunch is conducive to your own re-enactment of a “Sex and the City” episode.

Get a few girlfriends together, let the mimosas start flowing, and feel free to talk unabashedly about all the ridiculous things that have happened to you that weekend. You’re among friends, after all! Which brings me to my next point ...

5. Brunch is 21 and over.

Twenty-somethings gather for brunch like it’s a watering hole. By the time we make it out (11:00am earliest), people with children have already eaten because their kids can’t wait that long, and they’re probably going to head somewhere for lunch just as you’re finishing up. That means you can feel free to chat all you want, unfiltered, in a kid-free, mimosa-filled atmosphere. Score!

6. Brunch doesn’t need you to look classy.

But you can if you want to! How you show up is up to you. It can be a jeans and a t-shirt kind of brunch, or a sundress and heels type of afternoon. Either way, brunch is just happy you’re there.

7. Brunch lets you eat your heart out.

I already mentioned the waffles and bacon, but let’s not forget the omelettes, french toast, pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and countless other delicious things there are to eat at brunch. Plus, since you’re drinking, you have an excuse to eat cause you need to get a good base going. Go ‘head and dig in!

8. Brunch keeps it interesting.

You never know who you’re going to meet at brunch, not to mention the endless opportunities for people watching. With brunch, there’s never a dull moment.

9. Brunch isn’t gonna rush you.

If you want to take your time, drink slowly, sit around and chat for two hours, you can do that! This may be the cause of those higher-than-normal wait times, but hey, when it’s finally your turn, however long you stay in that chair is up to you. With brunch, there’s no rush.

10. Brunch tucks you in after.

Into a food-and-alcohol induced coma. Talk about an afternoon done right! It’s reasons like these that make brunch every twenty-something’s favorite meal of the day.




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