10 Reasons Everyone Should Shop Resale

6 years ago
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There are many great resale stores throughout the world and many provide tips on how to consign and why you should consider shopping resale. Below are 10 reasons you should shop resale from Previously Adored, they are located in Alberta, Canada and like Little Green Beans in Austin, Texas they specialize in childrenswear. Owner Holly is a friend of our owner Sharon from NARTS. They did such an amazing job summing up 10 of the best reasons to shop resale and consignment that we wanted to share them.


  • It’s environmentally friendlier. Do you know where everything goes when you throw it in the garbage?  To the dump.  Where is sits for years and heats up and contaminates our soil and the air we breathe.  How you ask?  Well most things these days are made of toxic chemicals and therefore when they sit in a giant heap with other items that contain toxic chemicals, it then becomes an enormous heap of toxins that then sit in the sun and leach toxins into our air and our soil.  For you visual thinkers I will refer you to a short film titled.“
  • The Story of Stuff.”  You can find it on YouTube.  The less we buy the less big businesses can sell therefore decreasing the amount of items that end up in the landfill.
  • Don’t care about the environment? O.K., well then it’s cheaper. Used items are sold for less –sometimes more than 90% less – than if you were to buy it new from a retail store.
  • It’s cleaner.  Remember all those chemicals and toxins I was talking about? When you buy new all of those are freshly pressed into your new wardrobe. When you buy used they have been washed so a lot of those chemicals are washed away as well.
  • You can show individuality.  When you shop retail everything in every store is the same. Same style, same design. Used items aren’t all from the same year and the same brand therefore you won’t be wearing the same outfit as every other person who shopped at the same store in 2011.
  • More selection.  When you shop second hand, you are getting so much more selection to choose from compared to other retail stores. There is usually only 1 of any given item so the store is full of ready to be found treasures.
  • It’s fun!  Resale shops are always getting new items in, usually daily; therefore every time you stop in you are bound to find something new from the last time. Most are at a huge savings so you are able to buy more on a tighter budget or even keep the money you save and put it away for a vacation. Resale shopping tours routinely sell out in the states because of all the fun that can be had!
  • Convenient.  Usually resale stores are located in communities and are owned by local citizens. You won’t need to drive into the city or step foot in a big mall. This will save you time, money and all the headaches associated with that. Especially those of you that have to pack up the kids too.
  • Customer Service experience.  Shopping at the big box stores will not give you that community feeling that you get from shopping local. Let’s face it, the staff working will pretty much tell you they don’t want to be there. Either by words, or just their general demeanour. True story – I went to a chain sandwich shop one day. I was greeted by a lovely girl who was picking her scabs on her arm while I was waiting to order. Upon closer observation she wasn’t wearing gloves and had a shirt on that said “I have syphilis,” with and arrow pointing down. Needless to say, I passed on my sandwich. Usually, the locally owned shops have the owners behind the desk and love to meet all their customers that come in. At the very least, they will have a better choice in shirts.
  • Better quality.  Yes, you can go out and get a shirt at a discount store for cheaper than what a second hand store will sell that used Hannah Anderson or Janie and Jack shirt for. However, I can bet that the brand name shirt will far exceed the life span of the shirt you purchased at the discount store. This really matters for those on budgets who want good quality for their kids as well as to be able to pass it on to their younger siblings.
  • Fewer crowds and child friendly.  Do you enjoy shopping at the big malls at holiday time or back to school?  Really? You have to pack up your kids, unpack them, bring them through a big mall through hordes of people who are pushing to get past. The kids are bored, acting up and hungry. Or is this just my kids?  When you shop at a second hand store in your local community they will most likely have a children’s play area or at least someone who is willing to play with your kids while you look around. There will be less crowds and I can guarantee you will leave feeling happier and more relaxed than you will leaving the mall.

Thanks again to the staff at Previously Adored in Alberta Canada for putting together great reasons why everyone should start shopping resale. Even if it’s for basic items or a quick outfit needed for an event, once you start shopping resale you’ll see the benefits first hand!



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