10 Little Everyday Things That Irritate Me

5 years ago

Most of the time I'm a fairly even-tempered person. Ok, maybe I'm not. But MOST of the time, I'm a more or less patient person. Again, possibly not true. I'd like to think of myself as even-tempered and patient, but if you ask those that love me most, they will just shake their head and chuckle  laugh loudly at that idea. However, even if I was a patient and even-tempered person, I think these  things would make me crazy. Possibly they make you crazy, too.

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1. When there are grounds in my coffeepot in the morning.

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I have a very ritualized way of starting my day, and within ten minutes of getting out of bed I'm drinking my coffee. Caffeine addict?  Yes. And I own it. There's nothing worse than seeing little black flecks floating in my first cup of the morning - because it means I have to start all over again and make a new pot, WITHOUT my first cup of coffee. Nightmare.

2. People who drive too fast down my street.

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I live in a small suburban community. We have few stop signs,  so I have made it a habit of stopping AT EVERY INTERSECTION for a brief time to be sure there are no children/dogwalkers/joggers/runners/gardeners/mailmen in the street, much less other cars. I wish everyone would just be a little bit more careful.

3. People who talk during the movies.

As I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago, movie talkers are something I just cannot stand. If you want to watch a movie and chat with your friends, stay home and order something from the on-demand selection. Otherwise I will tell you to be quiet.

4. When the car wash doesn't dry my car.

I take my car to the car wash, pay my id="mce_marker"5, give a nice tip, and expect a clean car in return. Can they just dry the underside of my rear view mirrors so the water doesn't splash along my doors and windows? I know, this is really trivial, but it drives me crazy.

5. The sound of cutlery scraping on dishes.

For me this is painful experience. That sound makes my teeth hurt. Just thinking about it now is making me nuts.

6. Not being able to find my keys/sunglasses/reading glasses.

This happens every. single. day. Not all three, and not at the same time, but at least once a day I will say "where are my keys/sunglasses/reading glasses." This is not a factor of getting older - I've been doing it for years now.

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7. Cashiers who chat too much.

grocery, check out, chatty, President Obama, president, talking, midlife, empty nest Ok, the cashier can chat with him.

I realize that sharing a few polite words is the civilized thing to do. However, it's one thing for someone to ask how my day is, and another to tell me about the recipe she prepared with some of the ingredients I'm buying, and who gave her the recipe, and how much her kids liked it. TMI folks!

8. People who drive too slowly.

As I mentioned above, I can be a bit impatient. So getting stuck behind someone who feels the need to drive considerably under the speed limit can result in me cursing loudly at no one and/or whoever is in my car. I don't want you to speed (see #2), but I don't want you to drive as though your car is in wet cement, either.

9. Spilling/breaking/dropping.

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Besides the mess factor, spilling/breaking/dropping stuff makes me feel klutzy and old.

10. Parents who talk loudly to their children.

I'm not talking about yelling. I'm talking about those parents who  believe that in order to communicate with their children, they must speak at a loud enough volume for everyone within a 15 foot radius to hear them. Children are not deaf, and should be spoken to at a reasonable decibel level. Also, not every experience needs to be a teaching moment. Just saying.

What irritates you?


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