10 Lessons I am Learning as a WAHM

6 years ago

It means work-at-home mom in case anyone has George Michael in your head…

In the few weeks I have officially been a wahm I’ve learned some valuable lessons. Some are silly but others have really helped me to balance (at least a little better) my work and domestic responsibilities.

10. Go to bed before 11pm. If you stay up too late then you are too tired to be effective the next day.

9. Get up before the kids - for those without babies of course! Getting up, showered and ready for the day before the kids wake up gives you more time to work during the day… plus if your kids are still at home it offers a little peace and quiet to chill before the day gets crazy.

8. Create a work area. Don’t play on the internet and read books in the same place you work. It will help you stay focused on working when it’s time to work.

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7. Make your kids have a nap or quiet time. Even if my daughter doesn’t nap she still has to be in her room for at least an hour and a half during the afternoon. I cherish the time I spend with her before she’s old enough to be at school so I want to be with her and not working during the day. The nap/quiet time is when I try to get a lot of work done.

6. Drink more coffee.

5. The To-do list will never be finished. Just come to terms with this… you’ll never see everything scratched off. That’s ok… the goal of a to-do list is to remind you of what you need to do, not to have everything completed.

4. Have a Cleaning Day once a week. Block off one whole day each week to clean the entire house. It’s a lot of work but then it’s done! And you’ll have the rest of the week to focus on your work.

3. Do laundry everyday. This is a personal preference but my husband likes clean underwear…

2. Be ok with a little mess in your house. Keeping a clean home takes time… which many wahm’s don’t have. If it really bothers you then see if your husband can help out and your kids too if they are old enough. Also, I can’t afford this but you might consider having someone clean your house for you.

1. Live by your schedule and write everything down immediately. Your brain can’t hold all of the information… a day planner/schedule is essential to life as a wahm.

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