10 Household Objects that Could Save Your Life

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Whether you are camping or just out for a run, these common objects could make the difference between life and death. Read about some of the household objects that you should keep on hand to save your life.

1. Tuna Can

While canned tuna might not be your favorite snack, its versatility will come in handy if the electricity goes out and you don’t have any candles nearby. Punch a hole in the top of the tuna can and place a wick made of rolled up paper into the hole. It will absorb the oil from the tuna fish and burn for up to 2 hours. Plus, you can still eat the tuna afterwards.

2. Tampons

If you are stranded in the woods and don’t have any dry tinder, try using a tampon. Remove the packaging from the tampon and pull apart the fibers. A spark or small flame will set it ablaze so you will have a potentially life-saving fire.

3. Head Lamp

An ordinary head light can be used for outdoor activities to prevent accidents on the road, on trails, and to let animals know you are out in the wild. A strobe effect can temporarily blind an attacker in dark settings, and the light can be used as a signalling device to call for help.

4. Bra Cup

One way to combat inhaling the smoke and ash from a fire is to create a makeshift breathing apparatus from a padded bra. The cup is the perfect shape and density to cover your mouth and filter out the smoke. And there are cups for two to breathe safely.

5. Plastic Water Bottle

A plastic water bottle can be turned into a water filtration device. Simply cut off the top and the bottom of the bottle. Fold down the wall edges just a few centimeters toward the center. Place the bottle over murky water sources or lush plants. When the sun evaporates the water, it will collect on the folded edges of the bottle.

6. Chips

While chips are a great source of food, they can also be turned into a signal fire. Chips burn surprisingly easily, and the reflective foil inside the bag is perfect for giving off extra light to serve as a beacon for rescuers.

7. Dental Floss

Dental floss is not just good for keeping your teeth clean, dental floss can also serve as fishing line or a small animal snare for you to catch food; it can also be used to make lightweight cords, or to sew up torn clothes and bags.

8. Tall Socks

Maybe you don’t like how tube socks look, but you will love what they can do in an emergency. Long socks can be used as a sling, tourniquet or a bandage. They can also serve as a strainer to filter water before you boil it. And if you are cold, they can be an extra pair of mittens.

9. Trash Bag

Trash bags are very versatile in emergency situations ;they can be used as a rain poncho to keep you dry in bad weather, or as insulation in the cold. The plastic barrier can also serve as a way to collect drinking water when it rains.

10. Superglue

If you incur a shallow wound but don’t have access to an emergency room, use superglue to glue shut the wound. While this trick doesn’t work on seriously deep wounds, it serves well to keep shallow ones closed and enables them the opportunity to heal. Plus, it can also repair just about anything.

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