10 Educational Tools to Help You Finish the Term Successfully

4 years ago
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At the end of the term, it seems like the days are getting shorter although you’re not anywhere near to getting enough sleep. No matter how hard you try to study and complete every single term paper on time, you are human and cannot stay immune to the stress that the hectic schedule creates.

You will be relieved when the term ends and you’ll be able to relax during the summer, but don’t forget that you still need to refresh some of the things you’ve learned because they will easily evaporate from your mind with all those summer distractions around you.

The tools we list below will not only help you finish the term without losing your mind, but will also be your faithful companions during the summer days. They make learning a more relaxed and enjoyable activity, so you will probably find yourself using them on a daily basis.

1. Every Stock Photo

You might be surprised that the first online resource we recommend is a stock photo website, but these photos will add appeal to your projects and make them more professionally-looking. This is a search engine for images that is really easy to use and provides you with the necessary attributions for all images you decide to use in your papers and presentations.

2. Reflap

This is an online tool that enables you to have free video chats with up to four other users. When you have so much to study, teamwork is crucial for everyone’s sake. You can organize effective study groups via online chat, but also use this tool during the summer and arrange online meetings with your friends.

3. Photolist

With this online resource, you can easily create slideshows that will add appeal to your presentations in class.

4. HapYak

This tool allows you to annotate a video from Vimeo or YouTube with freestyle drawing or text. You can think of many ways to make your lesson plans and projects more interesting with the use of such videos.

5. UTellStory

With the help of UTellStory, you can make great slideshows with the images you get from the web, as well as your own photos. You can use the tool to add text or audio to the images and make them fit into your presentations.

6. Quizpoo

The best way to get ready for the exams is to test your knowledge through quizzes. You don’t need to ask for a family member or a friend to waste their time while questioning you; Quizpoo will enable you to create “this or that” quizzes and use them to remember the facts more easily.

7. Brainy Box

This is an awesome concept that enables you to create a 3D animated cube that features any lesson or information you want to memorize. Even the hot summer won’t be able to erase that knowledge from your head.

8. Essay Minions

No matter how hard you try to complete all papers and assignments, sometimes they are simply too much. Essay Minions will save you a lot of time and effort, since it enables you to get professionally-written content on any topic. Its expert writers will assist you with the completion of all academic projects that are making your life miserable.

9. Wideo

How about making learning fun by creating the coolest online animations? Wideo will help you do that and make the end of the term more enjoyable. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use.

10. Pinwords

With the help of Pinwords, you can create quotations that are visually attractive. You can grab any image of the web and add text that will help you explain your point more easily when you’re presenting an academic project in front of class. In addition, you can use the tool to memorize definitions by adding visual elements to them.

Don’t let the piles of work scare you off. The right tools will help you get through the term!

Finishing another term is not easy at all, but it’s a great achievement that will make you proud of your efforts. The online resources we listed above will help you stay on top of each assignment and make the studying process less frustrating.