10 Bodacious Career Builders

5 years ago

Bodacious!  These three little syllables became my own personal rallying cry during my ten years at America Online where I started as an $8 an hour customer service rep and rose to the head of corporate training for 12,000.  Being a part of bringing online services to the world was exciting, fulfilling, and, at times, frustrating.  But I learned an invaluable lesson as a young woman who wanted to grow in her career -- being a “good girl” wasn’t good enough. 

Good girls are nice, competent, and cooperative, but it takes more than that to be effective and create success.  Now more than ever, it takes positive gutsiness, a deep sense of self-worth and belief in one’s abilities.  In short, it takes being bodacious!

Here’s my own personal "cheat sheet" of 10 essential Bodacious Career Builders to build your own bodacious career.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #1:  Don’t take it personally.  Create a few seconds of delay in responding to others so that what they say doesn't immediately diminish your self-worth.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #2:  Create Deliberate Relationships.  Decide who in your company or organization could help your career in some way and how you will go about getting to know them.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #3:  Take the Work Out of Networking .  Develop a few simple, open-ended questions to start conversations to get new people talking about the subject they know best – themselves!

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #4:  Actively Market Your Value.  Proactively communicate who you are, what you do, and how it’s currently benefiting your manager, department or the company.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #5:  Know How You Want to be Treated.   Be clear about your emotional, psychological, and physical boundaries.  Write them down.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #6:  Take a Stand.  Speak up for yourself; plan what you will say, how you say it, and anticipate responses.  You and your career are worth it.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #7:  Thrive on Shift and Change.  Be honest about how you handle change in your career and life; make a commitment to thrive, not just survive.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #8:  Know Your Worth.  Be clear about what your skills and abilities are worth in the marketplace and don’t settle for anything less.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #9:  Embrace Office Politics.  Accept office politics as a fact within any organization; embrace its positive potential.

BODACIOUS CAREER BUILDER #10:  Think Strategically, Act Bodaciously.  Consider the bigger picture of what you want from your career.  Create your personal business plan to get there and bodaciously implement it.


About Mary Foley

Mary Foley inspires women with practical advice to create sanity for their lives and confidence for their careers – all while having a bit of fun!  She is the author of three books including Bodacious Career:  Outrageous Success for Working Women, a popular national speaker, and former co-host of the Girlfriend We Gotta Talk! radio show.  You can be inspired, too!  Get her FREE Sanity, Confidence and Fun Action Pack jam-packed full of e-books, mini-posters, and other goodies at http://www.maryfoley.com.

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