Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new SheKnows Community, where you can share your stories, ideas and work with millions of women and be heard.

We're a free platform to express yourself and find an audience. We reach millions of women each month across our networks, making us the largest platform by women for women anywhere.

Your posts will show up on our Community page, and our editorial team features selected stories every day. If something you share is featured, we'll let you know to look for it on the SheKnows homepage.

It can also be picked up by our syndication partners and/or shared across SheKnows’ social media platforms.

Respect and civility are so important as we share and discuss our unique perspectives and lived experiences. Please read our Community Guidelines before you post.

And, remember: This is a beta launch, and we want your feedback about how we can improve the experience and make it more valuable for you - please tell us!


How do I become a community member?
That’s easy! All you have to do is join the community. You can sign up with a username and password or use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

How do I change my profile photo?
Click the Edit Profile button on your profile page or click the avatar in the top right corner. On your Settings page, click Add Photo to upload a picture.

How do I create content on the Community platform?
Click the Start Writing button in the top right corner of the site, or the one from your profile page. Your first post will be reviewed by our editors to confirm you as a member of our community. Once you’ve been approved, you can create and publish as much as you want.

Can I write about my dog?
Of course! You can write about anything, as long you're following our community guidelines. It's your life and your story.

Can I add pictures to my post?
Yes! Our super-simple tool makes it easy to insert images into your post. Click the Image icon and select the image from your computer, or add a URL to your image. You must have rights to any image you use. Here's a good explainer about which photos you can legally use.

What is the turnaround time for my first post to be verified?
This usually happens within 72 hours of submission and often sooner. But please note that verification is done by humans, and depends on the number of other people signing up on any given day. Please contact us if you have any issues, and thanks!

I was redirected here from What happened to my posts? Community is now Community, with a bigger audience and a new tool to make creating and sharing your content easy. Your profile and everything you created on BlogHer are now on SheKnows, and all links to your posts are redirected to your posts on SheKnows.

Do SheKnows editors edit my work?
If we select one of your posts to feature, we will review the post, and will likely copy edit it and give it a title that will intrigue the SheKnows audience. We'll let you know we've edited it to feature, and will send any major questions to you before we do.

How do I get featured on SheKnows?
Our team is constantly looking at Community posts to give love to, and we're always sharing suggestions and tips about the kind of work that might appeal to the SheKnows audience. Read our tutorials and tips for creating content, and make sure to join our Facebook group to get story ideas from our editors.

Can I republish content from my blog or another site on SheKnows?
You're welcome to use SheKnows Community as a place to find a new audience for work you've already created. Check any contracts for work you've done on another site to make sure you have the copyright.

Do I have the copyright to my work on SheKnows Community?
Yes! You keep the copyright to any work you post on SheKnows Community. By posting, you give SheKnows a nonexclusive license to your content. See our Terms of Use for full details.

How do I get paid for working with SheKnows?
SheKnows loves partnering with our influencers to create compelling sponsored content for brands. To learn more and apply to join the SheKnows Influencers group, visit If you have questions about how we work with brands or whether this is right for you, you can also email

The SheKnows editorial team does assign paid freelance content. You can contact them with a pitch by going to our contact form. We're not able to answer all pitches, but will reach out to follow up if there's a fit with our calendar.

How do I contact SheKnows?
You can email the Community team directly with any questions.