Working from home 101

2 years ago
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There is no question about it, working from home can be one of the great blessings or greatest curses in someone's life. Having the ability to choose your own hours, wake up when you want, stay in your pajamas all day, and never deal with traffic definitely has its perks. However, there are caveats to working at home as well. A lot of what makes working from home great only works if you have the right kind of home. Here are a few ways to make your home optimized for a work-at-home life.


You will need some sort of space to still call your office. Most people that work from home report that it is hard to separate home life from work life when they do not establish a place where they do work and a place where they enjoy the benefits of a home. It is important to establish a place where you can focus on work and keep your mindset right. 

This is especially true if you have kids. Kids are, by their nature, loud and needy. If you do not have a place where you can close a door and separate from noise, you will likely be much less productive when working from home.


Companies invest millions of dollars making their workplaces good for their employees. They try to have lots of windows and big open floor plans. Many will try to have sleep beautiful designs and comfortable chairs and desks.

If companies are doing this, then why should you be any different? 

Spend the time and money to make your office place incredible. For just a few hundred dollars you can have extremely comfortable equipment and beautiful design.

It is also extremely important that your work from home space is clean and livable. If your house has any issues with pests or rodents it would be a good idea to get rid of those. If you need raccoon removal, that is also important.

Don't work in bed

The most tempting thing to do when working from home is to work in your bed. It is really nice to wake up and never leave your bed before working, but it can be detrimental. People tend to report that after working in bed, they struggle to sleep in the same bed because it reminds them of work and stresses them out. 

If this has already happened to you then you will need to slowly work your way out of it. If you continue to struggle, then try to do some things to improve your bed and change it up a bit. Try getting a more top-rated mattress, and perhaps your body will forget.


Many people that work from home don't have set hours. They just work when they have stuff to get done. This is also a blessing or curse. If you do not have set hours then you often do not set aside a certain amount of time to do work. Suddenly the day is over and you have not done any of your work for the day. The next thing you know you are staying up until 1 a.m. trying to get everything done that you are supposed to.

Try setting your hours for the next day every night before you go to bed. Decide when you will work and for how long you will work. You will find that a simple schedule dramatically improves your work-life balance.

These are three tips. There are many. Working from home is an entirely new ballgame. Enjoy it, because it usually doesn't last!

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