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4 years ago


So this dress was supposed to have been made by me, for myself, by my birthday as a gift to myself...

Um, yeah, that didn't happen...a few things got in the way, or maybe I let a few things get in the way, like the fact that I needed to make that feather pillow...or the fact that I was making these guys up until the day before my birthday...No worries though.  It did get finished in time for a date night, so that's all that really matters, right? IMG_8609
Ha, well, truth be told, it barely got made in time!  Another truth, once it was done I went on a made dash to purchase a pair of boots, of which I had zero pairs, to wear with this dress, because it needed boots!  I have been wanting a pair of boots for years and years...but I am too cheapo to buy them...finally this dress was my excuse.  I promised myself that if I made the dress and liked it then I would finally buy myself a pair of boots!  Yeah, yeah, I know I am weird 

(Incidentally, I've been wanting an awesome shirt dress forever too, and have been too cheapo to buy one...and now I can make my own!)

I love this dress!  I am so happy with it and Brad is happy that he doesn't need to hear me talk about how I wish I had a pair of boots anymore... IMG_8625
Between the Tova and the Washi I just might be all set!  I need to make more and more and more! IMG_8621
I did end up making the smaller size.  I am so glad I did because I think it would have been much too full as a dress in the larger size. 

One change I made to the dress version was to line the inset.  It bothered me that you could see so much of the back of the fabric on my tunic when the placket popped open... IMG_8859
So, for the dress I simply cut out two insets, one out of my corduroy (Denyse Schmidt, Chicopee) and one from a scrap of voile and then basted them wrong sides together to make an inset that was pretty from either side.  (Although I failed in that I didn't have the correct color thread.) IMG_8991

But now, doesn't it look so much prettier when the placket pops open... IMG_8985
(Oh, by the way...dress body is Anna Maria Horner, field study.)

Violet noted, and this is indeed why I did it, that the "white fabric makes it looks nicer, without all of the dark all around".  "It brightens it up" we both agreed.  She really is becoming quite the "style queen".  I am looking forward to making many more of these tova dresses, super comfy, simple to make and stylish.  I told Brad, "with dresses like these, why would you wear anything else!"  Well, yes, that is a bold statement, but pretty true...

Oh, and one more thing...remember that part about "date night" up at the beginning of the post?  Well, it seems that I ought to make things for myself more often, because it seems that each time I do we end up going on a date (which is definitely not a usual occurrence around here)...a dress, a clutch and now this...I'm thinking that I'm onto something...

Have a great day!

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