Why are my Halloween Decorations any of Your Business???

3 years ago

So we are new to our neighborhood. This was our first Halloween here in the new 'hood.  In our old 'hood we did evening trick or treat. One family organized it, families signed up.  A sheet of participating houses was passed out. Those who didn't participate kept their lights low/off (or disappeared for a few hours - bah0humpbug to you!).

So when we moved I was disappointed to learn that the new 'hood did daytime trick or treat over the weekend.  What a bummer. What's the point of carving a pumpkin if no one will see it???

But then I bump  into the neighbor in the driveway one afternoon...now I need to back track a bit. When we moved in, this same lady informed us of the tragedy that happened at our neighbor's house (on the other side of us).  The house stands out like a sore thumb. It is a beautiful house. Newly built amoong a sea of 50-60's built houses.  Apparently years ago there was a tragic fire on Halloween night that resulted in the death of an entire family of five.  I would say at least 20 years ago.  But because these people new each other the woman still grieves every halloween. Therefore she doesn't do much decorating. Just a pumpkin - and that's it. She did say that she hates when people put up "graveyards" in their yards. It brings up bad memories for her. I get that.  I could see why she wouldn't want to see make-shift grave sites - especially at that house. 

So I tried to be conscience of that when I decorated. I did start off small with some corn stalks, hey, pumpkins...then a few halloween things came out (a spider and a skull head with shifty eyes). 

So back tot he story...I am out in the driveway when the neighbor says "you have decorated nicely. I'd hate to see anything more. You know, cuz of the tragedy." I take this comment as a non-comfrontational way of saying "you're gonna stop now right?"

Now I do understand how this might be hard on her, but I don't think she gets to tell the young family next door to stop decorating for Halloween (have I mentioned that I love Halloween???).  My middle daughter is pretty scared of things this year (3 year old phase) - so I didn't do much more. She didn't like the talking skeleton head...so I stopped there. 

But now I'm hoping to see a "for sale" sign up next door. I'd love a young family with kids to move in. Preferably someone who likes Halloween & Christmas, has kids, and doesn't have baggage about Halloween decorations. 

On the more sensitive side of things - I did say a prayer for the family that passed away years ago - I didn't know them but it is the type of story that makes you stop and appreciate the life you have. Enjoy the moment...smell the roses...and PLEASE blow out the candles!!!! 



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