Whooo Wants an Owl Necklace DIY?

4 years ago

Do owls really ever go out of style?  Sure there are times when they seem trendier than others when people are all into narwhals or foxes, but for the most parts owls are always in style.  With Halloween right around the corner I thought I would spotlight a few of my favorite owl necklaces.

I'll start with a bit of shameless self promotion.  When I'm not hunting for adorable wearable owls on BlogHer you can find me over in the land of kids crafting.  I am the editor of a magazine called Kids Crafts 1-2-3.  Remember last Christmas when I did my holiday wish list and there was that adorable owl Christmas ornament by Midwest Maude.  Well brace yourself in the current issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 she shows you how to make said owl into a necklace.  Sure this project is made for kids, but almost 40 and would wear it with pride.

If you prefer your owl accessories a little more subtle might I suggest popping over to the Chic Steals blog.  Carly whipped up an adorable owl and leaf necklace using some handy Martha Stewart toys and gold leaf.  The perfect accessory for fall.  I love how she used multi-levels of chain for the necklace.

I'm a big fan of BlogHer blogger Cathie Filian.  Not only is she is a smart as a whip business woman she is also crafty as all get out.  This whole round-up was inspired by this fun orange owl necklace.  Keep in mind you could make the owl any color you want so no need to go the Halloween route.  Also, you could change out the background paper to anything your little heart desires.

So whooo wants an owl necklace?  You do, don't you.