When You Need to Ship Your Desk

a year ago
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Not too long ago I wrote a short piece about the best way to ship an exercise bike.  There was this scenario where the exercise bike needed to get from point A to point B and I went over the best way to make that happen.  Now there’s a new scenario where you have to ship your desk, because apparently you forgot to have it shipped when you sent off your exercise bike. 

You walked into work the next morning and were like, “Oh, crap, I forgot to ship my desk.”  And then you stood there a moment and silently wondered to yourself, “How exactly is this done?”  Followed by you promptly marching to said desk, swinging your briefcase up onto it, tossing your scarf over your shoulder where it floated down onto the arm of the couch with the grace of a butterfly, and searching the internet.  You find my short piece about moving the exercise bike, which leads to my short piece about moving a desk:

 “You might not think that its possible to use packaging supplies for moving something as large a desk.  That, however, would be incorrect.  So, repeat after me: I realize that I will need packaging supplies to move my desk!  This is because your desk will embark on a grand adventure with dust and dirt constantly wafting in and out of the truck. It will be sharing cargo space with all sorts of creatures like termites and mice, and rubbing shoulders with rough sorts like work benches and bunk beds.  So:

  • Take off all of the drawer knobs and handles.  A flat surface reduces the chance of anything get dinged, snagged, dented, what-have-you.  Wrap them in bubble wrap and their own shipping box. 
  • Empty all of the drawers.  Not only will this decrease the weight of the desk, which will decrease the cost to ship it, it’s just the smart thing to do. 
  • Tape the drawers closed using a tape that will not destroy the surface of your desk or leave behind sticky residue.  Check with your shipping carrier and see what they suggest.  (Bet ya never thought painter’s tape would be in the list of packaging supplies for shipping a desk, huh?)
  • Wrap the entire desk in plain paper, or you might want to use bubble wrap or foam.  These can all be purchased easily enough online and for a decent price. 
  • Use cardboard corner posts if your desk has corners.
  • Choose a carrier that specializes in moving heavy, awkward items. (Make sure they are properly insured!)“