When Rape Becomes a Money Maker

4 years ago
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I've been busy trying to stock up on my inventory for the upcoming holiday season.  Knitting until blisters pop up on my fingertips, trying to stay ahead of the game.  Trying to reason why I have yet to close my Etsy shop down.  Playing around with my Zibbet shop, trying to build my own store on my domain.  And then I take a break to log onto Etsy teams and forums to see whats been going on in there, and I see this:

"Autumn is Perfect for Date Rape"


"Rape me Gently"

In an Etsy shop, on tee shirts, for sale.  Because after all, they hand-screen-print them.  There's protest raging in Etsy's forums.  And Etsy is "reviewing the shop in question."

Reviewing.  After they have finished their Halloween party that they quoted was, "A very important thing".  (paraphrased) 

To be fair, Etsy has removed a FEW of these shirts from the store.  But many still remain.  But what I'm more personally shocked at, is the response to this whole ordeal.  People claiming this is a right to free speech.  People claiming that we cannot feel disgusted by a product like this because it is art?!  A creation, a creative process.  Because I suppose one person's pain is another's profit.  Because shirts that talk about having daddy in their tummy is humorous right?  When did society jump off the good sense cliff?  Or maybe that's all just my opinion.  Maybe I'm just too busy trying to make a decent living, making decent things, with decent traditions, that my sense of humour and art apreciation dried up.  Maybe.

As of right now, as I'm typing this, the store in question is still open.  I won't personally link it here for you, because they already are getting way too much publicity.  You can read a bit more about it by visiting this petition.  It looks like they reached their mark, but yet the shop is still open.  

What I do know is that this has been the last straw for many Etsy shop owners.  As stated in Etsy's Terms Of Use, "items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others are strictly prohibited." so why haven't they acted?  Is it because Rape is a money maker?  Or maybe we're all just wrong about it, and it truly is art?  

Etsy, Shops are dropping like flies, buyers are running for the hills, what are you going to do about it?  I think it's time for some real honest answers.