What Should a Roof Inspection Include?

2 years ago
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Your roof keeps you and your property safe all the time. So, why not return the favor and do something about it, too? You think this is a good idea?

Then think about doing a regular roof inspection. Yes. As much as it may look like you need to do it only once, it’s more important than some imagine. Aside from providing the real state of the roofs to the buyers, sellers and owners of the properties, it prevents big damages and makes sure you’re informed on the actual condition of the roof. Thanks to that you’ll be able to repair it on time and save a few bucks more. Cool, don’t you think?

Speaking of that, you’ll need a great roofing company by your side. Let’s say that you live in LA. Your chosen company should perform the roof inspection and possible roof inspection Los Angeles without any problems. And to find one like that, pay attention to everything a successful inspection should include. Let’s go!

Outside inspection

No matter if you decide to do the inspection by yourself or call the experts, someone must go up on the roof. This is vital because seeing the roof up close is more valuable and trust-worthy than any other method. And don’t fool yourself! Binoculars can’t always reveal the whole truth.

While up there, the inspectors should take a closer look at the tiles, shingles, flashing as well as the chimney, among other things. That way they’ll notice if leaks appear somewhere, or whether the shingles, ice dams, valleys, side walls and the others are in a good state.

Only then they can advise the owners on what to do next. So helpful, right?

Inside inspection

The name says it all. This is the phase of the inspection where the professionals go to the attic and check if the ventilation and insulation are all fine. You’ll be surprised at how many things that small room can reveal.

Being right under the roof, it enables the inspectors to see exactly how the roof affects the construction of the property. And, of course, they’ll tell you about that. Also, they check for mold or moisture, especially in the corners, which will help them decide when or if you need a roof repair.


That’s right, my friends. After the inspection at your place is finished, the company you hire should give you a full report and plan containing all the solutions to your problems.

The inspector should prepare them, giving you his/her estimations, conclusions, details and conclusions. To back this up, usually they slip in a few images they’ve snapped while on the roof. That way you can see what they’re talking about. What a relief, huh?

A final word

Hope you liked this, folks. It appears that the roof inspection truly gives some crucial insights on the condition of your roof, which can help you a great deal. This is exactly why it’s recommended to do one once a year or a couple of times if possible. Only be careful to choose the best company for you. From the pool of them out there, pick the one that matches your needs and go for it. Tell us how it all went, will you!

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