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6 years ago

It started about 27 years ago with a new baby and an addition.  Who would have thought.  The addition went up, the baby was born and a designer kitchen was being built. Fast forward to July 2010.  David is off to CA to live with Dad while he attends college and I want to give what was his room a facelift.  I bought a Porter Cable finishing sander and started sanding the floor.  The last coat of poly was applied in August just before we left for vacation.  Literarily!


Vacation over, it's already October.  There are still no doors on any of the kitchen cabinets.  Since my ex-husband was building them - I have come to accept that there never will be.  But everything is dark, dingy, ugly;  it needs a face lift.  Out comes my little sander,  after all there is still some poly left over.  I took off all the finish and brought three quarters of the base cabinets down to new wood.  Wow, what a difference!


So boyfriend comes home from work and is totally impressed with my efforts, but the drawers are still ugly.  Maybe we can build new drawers and the doors.  We have ex hubby's workshop downstairs.  It can't be 'that' hard, can it?


Now we all know there are things you need before you start any project.  Like a router and a table saw.  So those were purchased first.  Then there’s the wood.  Bought plenty of that too, and good thing too because in our first attempts all we made was fire wood!


We searched the internet for plans or directions for drawers and had no luck getting any kind of help.  Then we decided to try on our own.  What a mess!  It wasn’t until after that boyfriend went to a dresser and observed how simple it was to construct a drawer.  We began the building process. We were turning out some lovely drawers, and slide outs too.  All that remained now was to begin installing them.  Another nightmare!


Turns out that our perfectly squared drawers that were installed perfectly level don’t look square or level at all.  They all appear to be crooked, and the drawer fronts meet the cabinet frame at an angle.  The cabinets are all crooked!  Now what do we do?


After some discussion we decide to rebuild the cabinets.  Our journey begins there.  We made the first carcass on New Year’s Day.  It’s faced, but no doors or drawers yet.  There are things you need when you start a project.  We ordered the router bit to make the corners on the drawers, but now the planer needs new blades.  We still need the router bit to make the raised panels and then we will need to build a new router table.  So for now we build cabinet boxes.


This blog will track our journey.

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