this weekend i learned that painting is the worst

4 years ago

I learned some lessons this weekend. On Friday, we paid to have our living room painted. I felt guilty paying someone to do something we technically could have done ourselves. But she moved the furniture, puttied all the holes, washed the walls and painted the walls, ceiling and trim. So worth it. And I'm so much happier to be free of our previously pee yellow colored walls. Here are some after photos - 


The last photo above barely shows the walls but look at Bowie. Aww. Anyways. Our painter did an awesome job and it was just nice to come home from work on Friday to a freshly painted room. We still need to re-hang everything, but I'm just happy the paint is all done. Oh and here's a reminder of our previous yellow room. 


So we had leftover paint and on Sunday I decided I'd just paint the hallway and stairs area real quick. No big deal because it's such a small area, right? Our painter said she could do it for a really reasonable price but I was being cheap and trying to show off that I could do it myself. I was all "oh I'll just paint it real quick, no big deal."
The baseboards/trim were so hard to paint without getting paint on the carpet. We ran out of the original paint we needed to for the ceiling, so the ceiling didn't get finished. There were 5 doors and a window to paint around but also all of that trim needed painted as well. Plus the yellow in the hallway was darker than in the living room so it took forever to cover. I was determined to do this project alone like it would be super quick.
But Jarrod came and helped me and did not once say "I told you so" (even though he totally could've). When I complained he just encouraged me to keep going and said that he was proud I was taking the initiative. I have previously chastised him for not wanting to do home projects but he totally took the lead and kept me going. 
I must admit that our paint job is pretty bad. The ceiling still needs done and the baseboards and door frames look pretty bad. It's a vast improvement from the previous awful yellow color (it's just white now), but it's not a great paint job.
So I learned 2 lessons this weekend - 
1. I don't give him enough credit sometimes, but my fiance is awesome. (Thanks for not yelling at me for the painting debacle honey!)
2. Hiring a painter is priceless.
How was your weekend? I need another day off to recover from my painting hell. 

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