Wandering Jew Plant

4 years ago

     When it comes to gardening, my green thumb is most definitely brown.  It seems any flower or plant I touch will turn brown and alas, die.  Yet, I have always wanted to have a stunning flower garden or beautiful house plants. Two years ago, my oldest daughter, Madison, brought home a Wandering Jew plant from her class to give me for mother's day.  The startings of the plant were simply in a cup of water.  Madison informed me that her teacher had told the class the plant was one of the easiest to grow.  I simply had to cut the bottom ends at an angle and let them sit in the cup of water until they began to sprout roots and then transplant it into soil. 

     I found the purple on the leaves gorgeous and went straight to google the plant. This is one of the sites that helped me a great deal. http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/houseplants/wandering-jew/growing-wande…            I also learned there was an entire story behind the Wandering Jew on how it received it's name and also on the care for the houseplant.  Learning also that the plant could be transplanted outside.  The roots as they began to sprout in the cup had to be trimmed up ever so often to keep a healthy amount of water going into the leaves.  Then the time came when the roots were crowding the cup and needed to be transplanted.  I headed to Wal-mart and ended up buying a hanging pot for my plant.  I used the best soil and transplanted the beautiful stems into the pot of soil.  The plant did look sadly small in the big pot I had chosen.

     I took my plant to the kitchen and sat it in the middle of the kitchen table where it could drink in the morning sun through the window.  I kept the leaves trimmed just as I was instructed to do on the different sites I had googled.  I don't know how many have heard the saying that if you watch a pot of water, it will not boil.  So, I finally quit checking on the plant everyday.  Over the two years, I had grown accustomed to the plant being there and honestly didn't pay that much attention to it other than to water it.  To my surprise, one day I noticed the stems and leaves were hanging over the pot just like they were supposed to.  The plant had grown and was filling out gorgeously.  I was so excited, I took photos of the plant and shared them on my facebook page.  When she first brought the plant home to me, I had also taken a picture to put on facebook to show what my girls had given me for mother's  day.  

     I am extremely proud of my houseplant though it doesn't require a lot of work and is considered the best plant for beginning gardeners.  I have been able to trim my plant up and put more starters into a cup of water to give to a friend.  The story behind the plant and the beauty of the plant are fascinating.  I also have a special gift of starters to share with friends. My daughter is so proud of what she shared with me on mother's day and I am extremely happy everytime I go into the kitchen and see my plant has grown more.  I would recommend this plant to anyone as a houseplant or an outdoor plant to add a touch to any flower garden. This has been a wonderful experience in gardening for me and it feels good to share something about plants that I actually do know about. 

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