Vegetable gardening is a bit like gambling in the MW

3 years ago

My approach to vegetable gardening is a bit like gambling.

The first warm day is a trigger for some latent instinct to till the soil and grow food. There is a certain satisfaction to firing up the rototiller and turning the sun-warmed soil that first time after a season of sub-zero temperatures. A few feathered friends gather as they search for a juicy worm sitting atop the freshly turned earth. They too look excited for the new season.

My mind begins to race with ideas for what to plant here and what seed to sow there. My enthusiasm is what convinces me that it’s perfectly acceptable to “go ahead and put a few things in the ground now.”

This is why gardening is like gambling. Everyone wants to win. It’s why they pull the lever (or push the button).  I start with a certain amount of spending money and if I don’t “win” then it becomes a purely entertainment expenditure. In the garden, I say to myself, “If they make it through the last frost, I’ll be way ahead of the game and have early tomatoes. If they don’t make then I guess I’m only out a few dollars and have to replant.”

By day two my back is sore and my knees are screaming for a break. So it’s off to the greenhouse to “just look” at the offerings. I jot down the names of a few species of herbs and a couple kinds of peppers and then it’s on to the seed rack. Maybe this will be the year that I grow those strange gourds or heirloom tomatoes. My basket is now full. Retail therapy I suppose. Who can resist those cute flowered gloves and how could I possibly continue gardening without a much needed trowel.

If we can keep up with weed control and watering we will surely enjoy the bounty of fresh goodies in approximately 57 days, providing we make it through the last frost! If not, we’ll have to wait a bit longer!


~~So What’s in the Ground Now?~~

My sister and I planted sugar snap peas, Little Marvel peas, two kinds of carrots, two kinds of radishes and some beets on March 31. I’ll update their growth progress!  My sis is the one pushing the tiller in the above photo by the way:-)


~~Angie @

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