Dear Urban Outfitters: Imitation is Not the Sincerest Form of Flattery

7 years ago

Imagine coming up with a jewelry design that is so clever, endearing and successful, that you are able to quit your day job to produce it. That's what happened to Chicago artist Stevie Koerner of and her A World of Love necklaces.

Awesome, right?

Now imagine waking up one morning to discover that Urban Outfitters has a new necklace line that is 'thisclose' to being identical to yours. Again, that's what happened to Stevie.

Within the last 24 hours, her story has been shared from Boing Boing, Business Insider and Newsweek to Apartment Therapy and The Huffington Post. Each media outlet heard the news through other artists and designers banding together and using social networking to spread the word.

When I first learned of Stevie's plight, my heart sank. You see, my husband recently had his original art ripped off and printed on a line of cheap belts. We aren't alone - there is even an entire web site dedicated to this topic: I'll keep you posted as this story develops!

Click here to read Stevie's first hand account of what happened.

The one question on everyone's mind - how will Urban Outfitters respond? As of tonight, only one of the necklaces could be found on the site - but it wasn't for sale.

See for yourself:

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