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5 years ago

Ever wondered what to do with the gift bags your child recieves their birthday present in? I have.
I am a very sentimental person. I often find myself keeping things just because of the memories attached to that item. I know, that sounds like I could be a Hoarder, and I assure you, I'm not. I do however, like making things out of these items so I can display the sentiment in a non- hoarderish manner... not to mention Up-Cycling is awesome.
 After my baby shower while I was pregnant  with my daughter, I noticed all the beautiful bags, wrapping paper and boxes the presents I received came in. I didn't want to throw them away, but when would I ever need 15+ pink baby looking bags? Then I thought of something pretty neat.
I could make them into a piece of art to hang on her nursery wall. Fast forward a year and some change, and  after her First birthday, I saved all the bags to do the same thing again.
That is what I will be making today. I had a Dora themed party. She is obssessed with Dora, and has been since she was itty bitty. Most of her presents were gifted in some type of Dora bag as well. I also saved the party decorations, balloons, and anything else Dora I thought would go well with this.
Be Creative! If you think it will look great, put it on there!
To take a page from Dora's Book...
Come On! Vominos!

Supplies Needed:

Modge Podge Glue
Paint (I threw in the Crayola Paint if your child is old enough to help you with this project)
Sponge Applicator Brush
Paint Brushes of different Sizes
Poster Board(s)* (I find the Foam Boards work best, they are more sturdy than the regular kind)
Bags, Tissue Paper and Other Supplies You have set aside
An Example of the type of toy box I saved.  

First, I take the toy boxes, and cut out all the images I think would fit well together. In this case, I cut out several of the Dora figures, as well as the Dora the Explorer Label.

Then lay out all of the other supplies, to get an idea of what you have, and if you need more than one board. I have done two before, and hung them side by side, or made two boards one big board.
If you have any plain gift bags, you can use a cookie cutter, or whatever item you have handy (I used the bottom of the paint bottle for my circles) to draw shapes of your choice and cut those out as well.

Next, Start placing your items on the board (no gluing yet!).
Once you are comfortable with the arrangement, begn to glue. My advice is to start with the background images, and glue those first. Then work your way to the foreground. I used the tissue paper as a textured background on this board.

Once all the items have been adhered to the board, allow time to dry. Then begin the next step of Painting, and adding whatever other elements  you would like.

I  use the paint to outline some of the images, cover blank spots if there are any and add more decoration to the background. You can also use Paint Markers to write on top of the board to to add the year, how old they were, or their name. You can also buy foam craft shapes, puff balls, Rhinestones, or anything else you that you like. Glitter also looks great. (I happen to dispise glitter, so you will see none of that on this blog.)



Allow this to dry, Then take the Modge Podge, and form a protective sealant over the entire board with the sponge applicator brush. Once Dry, hang directly onto the wall, or insert into a frame.

Enjoy! I thought this would be a great way to remember their lifetime events. I would love to have one of these from my first birthday, or my Moms baby shower. Please feel free to add any comments and let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Be sure to check back soon for our next craft project!

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