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9 years ago

I am an admitted Twitter addict along with so many others. It's a great place to vent, to brag, to make new friends. What surprised me several months ago was how many folk identify themselves with nicknames based upon their crafty addiction. Knitters, quilters, crafters are abundant on the site. Getting to know them in short 140 character bursts then encouraged to find them again on their blogs, on Ravelry and other places on the nets.

So who are the twittering crafters?
Quiltcetera screen print
Ofcourse, quiltcetera.  She came through with her own Quilters of Twitter blogpost. She lists 21 quilters she's met.

Dharmas Universe (darmawrites) knits!  And even blogs some finished objects!

Knittwit (brilliant twitter moniker!) blogs at Everything Kate.

Idyllicchick is a local Yarn Store owner, but she sews too!  I LOVE this explanation of how a sewing machine works.

WendyKnits blogs and twitters about her life including her knitting. Wendy is working on a book due next year all about toe-up socks!  I can't wait to get my hands on it!  She has also developed a unique way of rewarding regular readers who comment frequently:

You may have noticed that my web guru recently installed a doo-hickey that puts the number of total comments a commenter has left on my blog in parentheses after said commenter’s name when said commenter leaves a comment. (I think I just invented a new tongue-twister with that sentence.)

Anyhow, a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous unless she wants to “out” herself) recently told me that she hesitates to leave comments now because she’s afraid that her total number of comments on my blog would put her in the stalker category. I responded “Don’t worry about it. Heck, you have to have 500 comments before you get your Junior Stalker Pin.”

So naturally she responded that she wanted a Junior Stalker Pin. Then L-B (who has left more than 500 comments) got in on it and asked why she had not yet received her Junior Stalker Pin.

You know where this is leading, right?

WilloToons blogs her life and craft at WilloToons, including her first sculpey-thing.  While visiting her site, be sure to check out the WilloToons Shop!

Schmutzie is better known for her photographs and writing, but she'll admit to knitting scarves.

Lish Dorset, blogs at Handmade Detroit where she covers all things DIY in the motor-city region, including this wrap-up of the Craft Magazine 07 Release Party in Detroit last month.
There are also

Cheekyattitude, Tricia's blog has the same name. Last week she took a Scratchboard Class. and wrote about the demo by Rik Olson:

Rik told us that some scratchboard artists remove the entire background behind the central image before working the details. He chooses to work it in sections so he has more flexibility and can adjust the dimensions and add other items. He took the suggestion of one of the other students to add a worm poking out of the apple’s side.

Knittycent is enjoying her summer work break:

When one doesn't have to worry about getting up for work, a mere 4-5 hours having getting home from the last thankless job with no benefits, life is good! :-D
Howdy people! How's the summer been treating you? Well, me, I've been on a knitting spree.

Who have I missed?  Is it you?  Feel free to leave your twitter ID in the comments.

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